Timothy Allen Olson Gives a Rundown on The North Face HyperAir™ GTX® Jacket with GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ Product Technology
Timothy Allen Olson and his hunt for the perfect jacket led him here. Meet The North Face HyperAir™ GTX® Jacket. And according to Timothy, the hype is real.

Too many times I've been on top of a summit soaked, cold, and frustrated with an alleged "waterproof" jacket. More often than not, running jackets ought to really be labeled, "water-resistant," or "if-your-run-can-be-done-in-30-minutes, it’ll-keep-you-kinda-dry.” Unfortunately most rain coats don't bead up moisture, they just "wet out.” Timothy Allen Olson running mountainIf there's not much wind or rain these so-called "rain coats" will breathe well and keep you somewhat dry, but when your objective is reaching the summit, despite the elements, don't struggle with a what rain-coat-should-I-bring-dilemma. Go straight for The North Face HyperAirGTX® Jacket with GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY™ product technology and experience the difference. Timothy Allen Olson on summitEvery time I've had a chance to discuss R&D (research and development) with the brilliant people in apparel at The North Face, I've asked them to develop a lightweight, packable rain jacket that really works. None of that fake stuff. I need a jacket that I can thoroughly trust; a jacket I pack no matter what, with GORE-TEX Active fabric. After many nice jackets I've tested over the years, nothing stood out to keep me comfortable. Either they weren't durable or they'd "wet out" leaving me cold, wet and miserable, which is anything but helpful on a run or stint in the outdoors. Then I caught wind of the The North Face HyperAir GTX® Jacket and knew I needed to track one down, pronto. Timothy Allen Olson in snowThis killer jacket sang to be tested and I couldn’t wait. I couldn't believe the feel of the fabricI wasn't going to be wrapping myself in an extremely noisy, poor quality, heavy and non-breathable, glorified garbage bag. No, this was the real deal. This jacket was legit. The GORE-TEX fabric was so light and pliable that it effortlessly folded up with little trouble, awaiting its chance to shine. I easily packed this fist-sized jewel into a pocket and was off. At the onset there was no rain but I couldn’t resist the chance to put it to the test. While running, I pulled it from my pocket, effortlessly unfolded, then flipped it on and continued my trajectory. I could unzip its pockets to aid its breathing capabilities; yes I'm that fool running around in a raincoat in 80 degrees, with the biggest smile. I had my dream rain-coat. After two days, the storms rolled in and I was finally able to try out this exceptionally-crafted tool. The rains came, and they meant business, but they didn't know I was packing “Excalibur.” I swung out my HyperAir GTX® jacket, the rains continued to squall and there I was, running warm, dry, and comfortable like it was another beautiful, sunny day in the mountains. Now, after testing this piece through 200-mile runs in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Hardrock 100 and Leadville Trail 100, I feel like I've put this jacket through everything. Yeah, it’s lightweight and extremely packable, but I’ve really noticed how durable and effective this gear is. The rain beads up and off fast like water bouncing off glass. No DWR chemicals that eventually wear off, no extra layers, just GORE-TEX fabric doing its duty. Timothy Allen OlsonI've sandwiched, squashed and shrunk this coat into countless nooks and crannies and it has survived these tests of torture without failure. It's been so versatile in my mountain adventures. I've thrown it over a puffy at the top of a mountain and taken it on a stroller run though an afternoon shower. Quite frankly, the hype is real. Click here to learn more about the jacket

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