Our Top Outdoor Photography Locations To Add To Your Bucket List

Finding the right location is key to capturing the perfect shot. Explore our top photography spots, ranging from picturesque beaches to urban city locations

man takes photos outside Whether you’re new to outdoor photography or are already a bit of a pro, getting the location right is key to capturing that perfect shot. So, we felt it was our duty to help you with some spectacular places to visit. Our guide is part of our #ThinkProject campaign, which is all about encouraging you to spend more time outdoors discovering your passions.

Wilderness parks

Heading to a nearby national park, lake or nature reserve is a great place to start. These locations are unique, and often have some of the very best and most diverse landscapes to be found. Need some ideas? We’d recommend trying Oxbow Bend at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. It’s by far the most photographed place in the entire park and when you see it, you’ll understand why. It’s the perfect combination of mountains, forest and lake - and it’s possible to capture all elements in one beautiful photo. The Central Tower of Paine, a small group of mountains found at the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, is also a great spot for a super shot. Whether you make the mountains the focus of your pictures or climb to the top for a better view, you’re sure to be left with a spectacular picture. The Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the most popular national parks in India, and covers an impressive 105km². It’s most known for its extraordinary tiger and leopard population – visit for an opportunity to photograph these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.


You can always rely on a beautiful beach to make an excellent setting for a photograph. Timing is key – we’d suggest going very early or as the sun is setting if you want to avoid getting people in the shot. Here are just some examples of the world’s most photogenic beaches, but the world is your oyster and there are many more for you to discover! The first (and possibly the dreamiest if its name is anything to go by) is Dreamland Beach in Bali. This cove on the Bukit Peninsula has grown in popularity in recent years due to its unspoilt natural beauty. The Bathsheba Beach in Barbados is also certainly worth a visit. This rugged, wild, and untouched beach is a beautiful natural setting to capture on camera. If you’re wanting to capture a little bit of paradise, visit Kabira Bay in Okinawa, Japan. Take in the breath-taking white sands, turquoise waters and thick greenery while you capture a shot to remember the perfect view. Not all beaches have to be full of palm trees and sun to make a beautiful scene. A sandy beach with rough waves and a lighthouse or a cliff in the background makes for an atmospheric photograph, and you’ll find plenty of these beaches around the coast of Britain. Watergate Bay in Newquay is an especially beautiful scene to capture – visit for two miles of golden sand backed by cliffs and caves where gulls can be seen flying overhead.

Urban city

Cities make for some very edgy and modern outdoor photography. The variety from this setting is huge, and you can be assured that every road you turn down will offer a new treasure. One of the top cities to head to for a great urban setting is London, filled with its incredible architecture, quirks, street art and historic charm. Areas like Camden, Southbank, Shoreditch and Soho are definitely worth a visit. New York, the city that never sleeps, is another top choice for street photography. Some great shots can be taken from the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Top of the Rock, SoHo, Coney Island and East Village. Paris is another great city to turn to, evoking emotions of romance and wonder. This city exudes character through its elegant monuments and gothic architecture. For panoramic views overlooking the entire city, heading up the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur should be your first port of call. For more of a street feel, explore the cobbled streets of The Latin Quarter.

Get the gear

Wherever you decide to roam, it’s important you have the right clothing. We know that it takes a lot of time and exploring to find the perfect location for your shot - and ultimately, the less you have to concentrate on your gear, the better it is. So, whether you’re faced with wind, rain or sunshine, you won’t be worrying about weather protection, you’ll be focused on getting the perfect shot. Try our Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket in a vibrant madras and Adidas Terrex Fast Mid GTX® SURROUND® Shoes for comfortable traveling. With GORE-TEX products by your side, you can focus on enjoying what you love. Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket Adidas Terrex Fast Mid GTX® SURROUND®   GORE-TEX products are designed to protect you against all weather conditions and ensure that your feet are comfortable as your trek through all types of terrain in search for that perfect picture. Shop the full collection here. What outdoor locations have you photographed? Share your favorite outdoor photography and their locations in the comments below.

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