Greg Hill was born in 1975 in a small town in Quebec. To describe him as "the fittest ski mountaineer of all time" would be somewhat of an understatement.

After all, anyone who can tackle a total elevation gain of more than 600,000 meters – spread over 71 mountains - within 266 days (in a calendar year), is in a league of his own. Having successfully completed numerous speed ascents in Canada, Hill was the first North American to scale Mont Blanc within a day with skis and a climbing harness (11 h / 3500 m elevation gain). The number of summits he had conquered up to 200 – a number that is very likely to increase in the near future despite him also being an active filmmaker, speaker and blogger.

Greg Hill

I can remember my first GORE-TEX jacket in 1992, it was the most exciting piece of clothing I had ever purchased and used. Now twenty years later there is nothing I would trust more to protect me while I challenge myself in the mountains. It allows a peace of mind, knowing that whatever mother nature throws at me I will be ready. For over 2000 days in the mountains I have been comfortable and protected from the elements and able to focus on the mountains I am climbing and the hazards I need to avoid.

Career Highlights

  • Before accomplishing his 600,000 vertical meters, he spent ten years training for it
  • Winning many ski mountaineering races
  • Skinning 300,000m in 2004-05
  • Pioneering a 200km traverse through the Monashee mountains, where he summitted 21 peaks in 21 days
  • Then skinning 80, 3000m+ days in 2007
  • Pioneering many first descents in Canada and a few in Chile

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