Janelle Smiley is probably one of the best and most capable female ski mountaineers in the world: She was born in 1981 and lives in Wyoming, USA.

She has won numerous US championships and other prestigious races and has taken top spots at world championships in team and individual events. Janelle Smiley is also an accomplished alpine climber. Within the framework of a project titled “Committed”, she and her husband Mark have attempted all the climbs presented in “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America”, a remarkable feat which they have stood on 48 of the 50 summits. This climbing guidebook with its rich history is generally considered a definitive piece of climbing literature. Along with her athletic accomplishments Janelle is a Holistic Life Guide who combines Life Coaching and Mountain Guiding to give others a rich life changing experience in the mountains. 

Janelle Smiley

One of my favorite GORE-TEX items is the La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX boots; I have yet to have a day in them where my feet are not happy and dry. GORE-TEX is in a league of its own with innovation, definitely steps ahead of anyone else. I just returned from Mount Fairweather a stunning peak situated 15,325 feet (ca. 4.670 m) high and 13 miles (ca. 20 km) from the Pacific coast of Alaska. The Coastal Range of Alaska is known for its ever-changing bad weather. As you gain elevation, this range gives you all types of weather and conditions and you have to be prepared. During our expedition, I was thrilled to have top and bottom GORE-TEX, along with the Arc'teryx Beta AR GORE-TEX glove, all of which were well needed and used. I am continually impressed with GORE-TEX, with both their materials and their friendly and professional team.



Career Highlights

  • 2017 - 2nd Female Broken Arrow Ski Running Ultra Race
  • 2017 - Teton Grand Traverse, WY Female FKT (fastest known time) 12 hours 17 min
  • 2016 - First Female to climb and ski Mount Saint Elias, AK Ocean to Summit to Ocean
  • 2015 - First Female Ski Descent Huandoy Este, Peru
  • 2013 - Swiss National Team Champion
  • 5x Ski Mountaineering Champion
  • Elk Mountain Grand Traverse, First Female
  • First Female Accent, Mount Waddington, South Face
  • 2nd Female Accent, Mount Robson, Wishbone Arete

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