Every style of GORE-TEX garments is put through a variety of intense testing. If at any point the product doesn’t uphold to our high quality standards, it is sent back to the drawing board.

test martindale

Martindale Test

In the Martindale Test, wool or sandpaper is used to rub the fabric over and over again with considerable pressure. Depending on how tough the fabric needs to be, this vigorous rubbing can continue non-stop for hours … or even days.

test coldflex

The Cold Flex Test

In the Cold Flex Test, GORE-TEX fabrics are squashed and stretched repeatedly in extreme temperatures for hours on end. The fabrics must survive this punishing test and emerge still durably waterproof.

test rainroom

The Rain Room

Before any new GORE-TEX garment style is put into production it must pass the Gore lab style approval testing. This sophisticated outerwear testing facility is designed to simulate a variety of rain conditions. Using specially engineered rain nozzles strategically positioned in the chamber, we are able to test a garment's waterproof design in conditions that range from light drizzle to wind-driven rain.

test comfort

The Comfort Test

Comfort is a state in which we are neither too warm nor too cold; in other words, when there is a balance between heat produced and heat lost. To put comfort to the test, we compare laboratory results with the subjective perceptions of real test participants.

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