Road Running Shoes

Running has enough challenges – so let’s eliminate a big one – the weather. Whether it’s rain from the sky or puddles and slush on the ground, running shoes with GORE-TEX technology allow you to focus on the run, and not the weather.

Protect your Run

If you run enough, no doubt you will find yourself in situations with a wet or cold foot.

In fact, over 75% of runners run in cold and/or wet conditions and we’re here to help protect your run.

The Newest Contenders

  • Men's Shoes Ride 9 GTX® Shoe

  • Men's Shoes Wave Rider 20 G-TX®

  • Women's Shoes Ghost 9 GTX®


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Protect Your Run. Conquer the Road.

Whether it’s rain from the skies above, a puddle formed by the spring thaw, or the biting cold of a 25 mph headwind, you can run assured that your feet are protected.

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