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Trail Running Shoes

Rain makes nature lush and beautiful. But it can make your run ugly— with soggy running shoes and the blisters and cold toes that go with them.

That’s why so many trusted trail running brands have incorporated GORE-TEX® footwear technology, allowing them to deliver a level of breathable, waterproof protection that can turn even the muddiest trail into a beautiful run.

The Spirit of Trail Running

What is the spirit of trail running? It takes dedication and willpower. It may hurt, but it will be worth it. The trail is where you can get out of your way and grow. Together, you truly listen to your bodies and learn from each other. Together, you become better; you grow stronger. Every step connects you to the beauty around you; with every step you expand. You dive further into the great, wide open, feeling more alive. That is the spirit of trail running.

The Newest Contenders

  • Women's Shoes Speedcross 4 GTX®

  • Men's Shoes Cascadia 11 GTX®

  • Women's Shoes 910v3 Trail GORE-TEX®

    New Balance
  • Men's Shoes Wings Flyte 2 GTX®

GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run

GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run

The GORE-TEX® Transalpine Run has become one of the most popular endurance stage events in the world. Every year, since 2004, around 500 runners from more than 30 different countries take up the challenge of running over the Alps, crossing geographical boundaries and pushing past their own personal limits. On each stage of the run the participants have to cover a distance of around 35 km and cope with ascents totalling 2,000 m.

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Weighing a mere 0.7 ounces and designed never to compromise the fit, feel, and flexibility of your running shoes, the GORE-TEX® membrane offers unmatched protection against anything Mother Nature decides to throw its way.

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