GORE® Katana Fabric Durable protection and comfort in hot weather

GORE® Katana Fabric is a blend of ePTFE, Nylon and Cotton fibers specifically designed for hot weather operations, including being suitable for temperate, arid and tropical environments. This fabric offers the best combination of air permeability, fast dry time, strength to weight ratio, and no melt/no drip during flash-fire incidents. This is very different from any other product that Gore has made for the U. S. Military.

GORE® Katana Fabric takes combat uniform fabric to an entirely new level of performance by offering a long list of technical capabilities not found before in any other previous or current uniform fabrics. This new fabric construction replaces some of the nylon and cotton with ePTFE fibers. This reduces a number of the issues associated with the standard NYCO fabric blend, plus provides a number of important new characteristics.

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An Extensive List of Outstanding Characteristics

How it works

Hydrophobic & Quick Dry

ePTFE fibers do not pick up water or hold water. Based on various tests conducted, GORE® Katana Fabric picks up approximately 40% less water and dries in 40% less time than the typical NYCO blend. This can have a dramatic impact on mission success and performance. Wet clothes are uncomfortable and can cause chafing and reduce a warfighter’s ability to move and run. Plus, the additional water weight added to a uniform can slow you down. GORE® Katana Fabric reduces this problem dramatically. GORE® Katana Fabric is durably quick drying. The fabric does not contain a coating to reduce low water pick up and is not susceptible to abrasion and washing away.

High Strength Per Weight

ePTFE is a strong fiber and has a superior structural strength. Although GORE® Katana Fabric is 20% lighter than the NYCO blend, the GORE® Katana Fabric is just as strong, offering the same mechanical strength but at a lower weight.

Air Permeable

GORE® Katana Fabric is more air permeable than standard NYCO fabric. This enhanced level of breathability facilitates greater air circulation and is essential in hot climates. This reduces perspiration and overheating.

No Melt, No Drip

ePTFE is inherently flame resistant and nonflammable, and will not melt or drip when exposed to flash fire incidents. Incorporating ePTFE fibers with an appropriate blend of Nylon and cotton fibers ensures the fabric will retain its no melt/no drip characteristics.

Soft, Supple Drape

Adding another dimension of comfort, the ePTFE fibers are soft and the hand of the fabric is more soft and supple than the current NYCO blend, adding to a general feeling of comfort.


Product designed with GORE® Katana Fabric is currently available through the following outlets:

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research

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