Tactical Uniforms Designed with GORE® ePTFE Fiber Technology

Arc’Teryx LEAF Recce Shirt

Advanced uniform apparel that is lightweight and durable, while providing optimal comfort in hot and tropical environments. Benefits of uniforms designed with GORE® ePTFE Fiber Technology include:

  • Low wet pick-up for faster dry time
  • Faster dry time with moisture absorption
  • High mechanical durability, even after wear and wash
  • Ability to blend with other fibers taking on their inherent properties (tunable FR capability)
  • Air permeability offers greater air circulation, reducing perspiration and overheating

Durable, broad Chemical and Biological Protection

Integrated stretch panels deliver improved mobility, reduced heat stress, and increased system level protection.
Removable outer garment allows for reduced logistical burden.
Dual flap cover delivers quick protection scalability (easy donning) with improved system protection.
Inner cuffs at the wrists and ankles enhance integration with protective gloves and footwear.
Reinforced elbow and knee regions to ensure continuity of protection during operations.

Engineered to offer durable and broad protection in chemical and biological situations combined with a reduction in thermal burden. This is achieved by employing an advanced moisture vapor permeable (breathable) ePTFE-based chemical and biological protective film.

When considering the recent evolution and use of chemical warfare agents (CWA’s) and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), broader protection is required. This must include protection against:

  • Traditional chemical warfare agents in vapor form
  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
  • Aerosolized particulates (such as contaminated sand)
  • Liquid under force (ie. when kneeling or wearing combat equipment)
  • Biological hazards
Outer Garment Colors/Patterns

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Strategic Stretch Panels

Utilized in key places to maximize mobility in a wide range of upper and lower body movements. Due to the use of stretch fabric, overall bulk is reduced, which leads to improve fit and integration with combat load. Additionally, the use of stretch fabrics reduces the air gap between the body and the fabric, which is anticipated to deliver improved system level protection with reduced thermal burden. In addition to improved mobility, the use of stretch fabrics also reduce system bulk and noise reduction.

GORE-TEX Fabric with Stretch Technology

Feel more comfortable in warm or cool weather without a need to compromise on weather protection, fit or style. The unique, proprietary fabric design is based on "low force-to-stretch" with outstanding recovery offering a reduction in thermal burden, increased breathability and optimal comfort.

When added to a jacket in strategic locations, such as across the back and/or on the elbows, it allows for an athletic, close fit in warm climates where insulation isn't needed. At the same time, the fabric can stretch and expand to accommodate insulation layers in colder conditions.

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