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Introduction - Gear 101

  • Turnout Gear Video

Presentation - Manage Heat Stress Better

  • Manage Heat Stress Better with Moisture Barriers and Liner Systems from Gore®

Product Literature - Chem-Bio PPE

Product Literature - EMS PPE

Product Literature - Fire PPE

Product Literature - Tech Rescue PPE

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® products - Technical rescue

Supporting Chem-Bio Product Information

Supporting Fire Product Information



Moisture Barrier

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® Moisture Barriers - Lower Heat Stress

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® moisture barrier - Valuable performance advantages

  • GORE® Barriers Best for Reducing Heat Stress

  • GORE® Barriers - Leverage the advantages

  • GORE® PARALLON™ liner system versus traditional turnout composite construction

  • GORE® Protective Fabrics - Thermal Protection

  • GORE® Protective Barriers Warranty Program

  • GORE® RT7100 moisture barrier - valuable performance advantages

  • Improved Stored Thermal Energy Burn Prediction

  • Q&A about GORE® PARALLON™ liner system

  • RET and Human Impact Charts

  • Wear trial evaluating the repair cost of GORE® CROSSTECH® moisture barriers

  • Breathability Beyond THL Test Conditions

  • Manage your heat stress better

  • GORE® PARALLON™ liner system introduction video

  • GORE® PARALLON™ Liner System - Better Thermal Protection

  • 360 degree protection

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