Tamara Lunger and Jesse Dufton - GORE-TEX Brand Breaking Trails

    Real People. Real Stories.

    Explore personal stories of bravery, perseverance, and strength in our new Breaking Trails film series.


    Freedom is experiencing each day on your terms. That's why all GORE-TEX Products provide totally windproof, breathable, and water-resistant to durably waterproof protection. We integrate lasting comfort and reliable protection from the elements to reach your goals in any weather.

    GORE-TEX product technologies are found in jackets, pants, footwear, gloves, and more. Working with leading global brands, we tailor each of our product technologies for diverse uses: everyday to aerobic activities, and demanding to extreme outdoor activities. 

    Gear Up For Your Next Adventure

    Experience lasting comfort and protection with GORE-TEX Product technologies.

    Kimi Zarate Smith standing in the street - GORE-TEX Roadshow

    Meet the Individuals Embracing Functional Fashion

    The UK GORE-TEX Roadshow showcases individuals who have seamlessly integrated their unique passion with the unparalleled protection and performance of the GORE-TEX Brand.

    Group of people backcountry skiing

    Embracing the Elements

    Rain? Wind? Sun? It doesn't matter to them. Meet the GORE-TEX Brand ambassadors: a team of outdoor-loving athletes and adventurists.

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