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    Going Further, Together

    At Gore, our focus on sustainability is an expression of our promise — Together, Improving Life. With the GORE-TEX Brand, part of Gore's Fabrics Division, this promise comes to life via our Responsible Performance platform.

    Responsible Performance

    Our ambition is to prioritise and allocate resources to unlock new levels of performance and sustainability in our operations and the products we make. We strive to create specialised fabric solutions that positively impact people and the planet by simultaneously increasing the durability of our products and minimizing the resources we consume. As a leader in the global apparel industry, we believe we are responsible for finding the solutions that lead to a better way of business tomorrow.

    The Gore Fabrics Responsibility Update outlines the challenges and our steps toward this better way of business.

    Our mission is to push the boundaries of comfort, performance, and sustainability for current and future generations.

    Headshot of Jacques René, Divisional Leader - Fabrics Division
    Jacques René

    Divisional Leader | Fabrics Division

    Gore Fabrics Responsibility Update

    The challenge for the Fabrics Division to solve is as simple as it is difficult: improve sustainability without sacrificing textile performance. This Responsibility Update walks through our progress addressing this challenge. All progress highlighted covers the full year 2022 of action carried out by the Fabrics Division in line with its sustainability strategy.

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