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    Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about GORE-TEX gloves

    Joachim Stark
    Joachim Stark

    Whether it’s for skiing, cycling, mountaineering, motorcycling or golf: gloves are never out of season. Gloves are worn all year round. Cycling gloves will ensure a good grip and control of the bars, shield you from the cold and wind, and prevent scrapes if you fall off your bike. When you’re climbing in the mountains it can even be a good idea to wear gloves in summer.

    Sudden weather changes involving rain or snow can leave you with cold and incapable fingers. A decent pair of gloves with a sure grip is more or less compulsory for motorcyclists. Runners will often wear thin, windproof gloves to regulate temperature on colder days. Golf players want full control over their clubs.

    Gloves need to be super versatile

    Essentially, each sport has its own distinct requirements. Normal gloves only need to keep our hands warm and not make them sweaty (most people find having sweaty hands just as unpleasant as cold fingers). Winter athletes want their gloves to be warm and sturdy without restricting their movement. Downhill and cross-country skiers need a good grip and tactile sensitivity so they can use their poles properly. The essential features for committed ice climbers are a sure grip and a bit of insulation.

    GORE‑TEX glove technologies with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise

    The GORE‑TEX brand’s functional glove technologies meet the diverse needs of each of these sports. The challenge is to integrate the durably windproof, waterproof and breathable technology into the glove in such a way that still allows the wearer to move their fingers freely. Additional technologies have been developed for specific end-use needs. Alongside its assortment of waterproof, windproof and breathable GORE‑TEX gloves, Gore has developed additional technologies for distinct sports disciplines designed to meet the unique requirements of different sports enthusiasts including winter athletes, mountaineers and motorcyclists.

    GORE‑TEX Plus Warm with an extra portion of warmth
    Optimised for winter athletes, these gloves do a great job in bitterly cold weather – for freeriding, mountaineering, winter hikes, or for standing at the edge of the piste waiting for your offspring to finish their training.

    GORE‑TEX Active with an exceptionally high level of breathability
    Optimised for ski touring, mountaineering, ambitious alpine skiing and freeriding.

    GORE‑TEX Grip with outstanding dexterity and tactile sensitivity
    Optimised for ski racing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, ice climbing.

    GORE‑TEX 2 in 1 with a dual chamber system for a better grip and added warmth
    Optimised for all kinds of winter use, or motorcycling.

    You don’t always need gloves that are totally waterproof. Sometimes when you’re hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, running or cross-country skiing, you may find that what you want most is enhanced breathability, wind protection or tactile sensitivity. That’s when GORE‑TEX INFINIUM™ gloves are the best solution. · GORE‑TEX INFINIUM™ gloves with stretch technology fit like a second skin and have exceptional tactile sensitivity. They are the perfect choice for use with touchscreens and cameras, for everyday wear, trail running and cycling or, on bitterly cold winter days, as liner gloves worn under waterproof GORE‑TEX mittens.

    GORE‑TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® gloves offer 100% protection from the wind. These are probably the most versatile everyday gloves – wear them while hiking in winter, climbing in summer, ski mountaineering, biking or on a leisurely stroll through town to look at the Christmas decorations.

    Good gloves need regular care

    As a rule, gloves are best washed by hand. It’s unbelievable how much dirt accumulates on and in them. Regular washing in lukewarm water and a little liquid detergent will mean that you can enjoy your gloves and their functionality for longer. Give them a good rub to remove any dirt or stains, gently squeeze out the water and then drip-dry with the fingers facing upwards (do not hang them directly over a heat source, especially not leather gloves).

    When they are almost dry put them on to restore them to their original shape, then leave them to finish drying. It is a good idea to treat leather gloves with a leather care product to keep them soft and supple and prevent the leather from cracking. At some point you will need to restore your gloves’ water repellency. Restoring the water repellency will also mean that you can enjoy your gloves and their functionality for longer, which is good for both the environment and your wallet. Here we explain how. It’s quick and very easy. 

    Joachim Stark Joachim Stark

    Joachim Stark

    Joachim is and all-round mountain athlete: Alpine, ice and sport climbing; backcountry skiing; and mountain biking are at the top of his list of leisure activities – when he finds time in between his work with the media, photography, and graphic design and layout for companies in the outdoor industry. He has worked with GORE-TEX as a freelancer since 2012.

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