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    How to stay fit and active. Without the gym.

    Grace Payne
    Grace Payne

    Being active has never been so firmly in the spotlight. But it’s not just about looking good - it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle that you can really expect to maintain.

    Globally, 23% of adults aren’t active enough, meaning they are not getting the recommended 30 minutes of moderate daily exercise they need. Most people assume that staying active in the city means going to the gym but it’s not the only option. You might be surprised how many people manage to incorporate activity into their daily routine without going anywhere near a treadmill. Staying active can be as simple as choosing to walk over taking the bus, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even doing housework. Here’s some inspiration for staying in shape - and out of the gym.

    Baby steps

    There are so many ways you can get moving as you make your way around the city. Walking is by far the easiest. Getting up and going at the start of the day will get the blood pumping and prepare your brain for the challenges ahead. Walking to work might feel like a mammoth task while you’re still in bed, but once it becomes part of your routine you’ll see how a brisk pace can do wonders for your waistline. If your morning routine is already a little packed, make time to stretch your legs over lunch. Getting moving will make you feel more active and stay motivated; ask your friends to join you.

    You’ll be less likely to turn to transport when your friends are all up and ready to go.

     Take the stairs

    Stop searching for escalators and keep upping your step count. Taking the stairs is a great workout for everyone regardless of fitness levels. You’ll be using your body’s biggest muscle group, so you’ll feel the burn as well as seeing the benefits. Taking the stairs twice a day, five days a week, can contribute to burning upwards of 500 calories. Remember - it’s going up that counts.

    Step it up a notch

    If you think you’ve got a bit more energy in the mornings, why not get your running shoes on and turn your commute into your new workout? It doesn’t have to be a new personal best every day. A light jog is all you need to aim for. If showers aren’t an option in your office don’t make excuses, you can always run home instead. Keep it interesting, check out new routes to explore to keep you on your toes. Try not to make excuses based on bad weather, too. Stay ready for anything with GORE-TEX products keeping you dry and comfortable even if it rains.

    Hit the road

    If you need to go further than a 30-minute jog will allow, then consider hopping on a bike. Most cities offer a pay-as-you-go alternative to owning a bike which can be perfect for getting across town without the cost of buying and maintaining your own equipment. With bike lanes and parks aplenty you’ll find it’s just as easy to hop on a bike as it is to hail a cab.

    Cut out conveniences

    With more things being delivered, we can easily forget that popping to the shops is a great way to keep active. Whether you need to pick up some extra ingredients for dinner, or are searching for new furniture for your flat, go have a look instead of scrolling online from home. If you can, carry your new purchases home for an extra challenge.

    Enjoy snow days

    When winter comes around, it’s tempting to stay inside on the couch, but you mustn’t let the cold keep you indoors. Wrap up and stay protected, but make the most out of the winter wonderland waiting outside your door. You can make sure the whole family stays cozy keeping your little ones on their feet for longer.

    Keep it simple by making the most of the opportunities available. Every day you can get moving a little bit more than yesterday – you’ll soon feel the benefits.

    Grace Payne Grace Payne

    Grace Payne

    Grace Payne, from Yorkshire, England, has spent most of her life surrounded by some of the UK’s most breathtaking walking routes. Growing up just a stone’s throw from the Yorkshire Dales meant many weekends spent exploring the local landscape. Plus, with family dotted along the Cornish coastline, many cliff walks too. Since trading her countryside location for life in Berlin, she now balances her time between working as a copywriter, writing her first book, and discovering the many hidden gems the city has to offer.

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