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    Introducing the expanded Polyethylene (ePE) membrane

    Laila Weigl
    Laila Weigl

    We are proud to announce that the GORE-TEX brand will use the expanded Polyethylene (ePE) as a new complementary material platform to serve as the basis for our membrane technologies. Our new ePE membrane will appear in our GORE-TEX products as of Fall/Winter 2022.

    What’s it all about: Gore’s new ePE membrane

    • Leverages high strength-to-weight ratio to create extremely lightweight and thin composites that are still mechanically robust. 
    • Enables durable performance and a low environmental footprint.
    • When combined with Polyurethane (PU), the result creates a durably waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane. 
    • Combination of the ePE material and low membrane mass results in a lower carbon footprint, as measured by Higg MSI.
    • Advances Gore Fabrics Division’s goal for being free of PFCs of Environmental Concern* (PFCEC) over the lifecycle of its consumer products.

    Products featuring Gore’s new ePE membrane will be introduced in many products from brands like Adidas, ARC'TERYX, Dakine, Patagonia, Reusch, Salomon or Ziener. Announcing the new ePE membrane reaffirms our ongoing commitment to responsible performance, applying the brand’s unique experience, science and capabilities on a continuous journey to unlock new levels of both performance and sustainability.

    Want to learn more about our sustainabilty principles? This way! 

    Laila Weigl Laila Weigl

    Laila Weigl

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