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    The GORE-TEX Brand and ettresex® Unveil "Future Envisions" Pop-Up in Stockholm: A Fusion of Functionality, Fashion, and Sustainability

    Guest Authors
    Guest Authors

    As an homage to the evolution of our craft, GORE-TEX Brand and ettresex® have explored the intersection between fashion and functionality - through an installation that delves into the natural elements where the new ePE membrane resides.

    Photo: Sebastian Höglund


    In late January of 2024, the GORE-TEX brand launched its first pop-up location in the Nordics: “Future Envisions” in collaboration with the renowned clothing and vintage store ettresex®.     

    This extraordinary installation pays homage to the evolution of GORE's craft, celebrating the intersection between fashion and functionality through a curated collection of selected products featuring the all-new ePE membrane.             

    Situated in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm, the "Future Envisions" pop-up invited visitors to embark on a journey through ettresex® interpretation of the GORE-TEX Brand and the fabrics. The installation beautifully showcased the brand's iconic membrane, which has not only stood the test of time for its durability but has also evolved into a contemporary cultural player, breaking free from its traditional association with the outdoors.

    Photo: Erik Pousette               


    The installation embodies functionality’s place in an urban environment, merging the silhouettes of the dense dark forests with the bright contrasts of the city. The display is not merely a demonstration of functionality but celebrates its role as a facilitator of expression, design, and sustainability in an urban context. It explores the purpose a functional garment serves in relation to its environment and modern use. As we continue studying the juxtaposition of the GORE-TEX Brand as a prominent player within both practical and experimental use, Future Envisions embraces the evolution from a functional fabric to a cultural icon.

    At the core of the installation is a captivating narrative that immerses visitors in the natural elements where the all-new ePE membrane thrives. Developed to minimize environmental impact while prioritizing waterproofness, windproofness, breathability, and durability, the membrane serves as a powerful testament to the GORE-TEX brand's legacy. Not only does it provide protection in challenging conditions, but it also fuels ambition and prompts innovation, allowing functionality to seamlessly integrate into urban environments.

    Photo: Sebastian Höglund

    The "Future Envisions" pop-up transforms technical details into a canvas for personal expression, demonstrating how functionality can merge effortlessly with aesthetics.

    As the installation weaves together the threads of GORE-TEX's present, and future, it envisions a world where fashion is intricately connected to the environment. "Future Envisions" showcases the versatility of the GORE-TEX brand through craft, nature, and design, illustrating the evolution from a functional fabric to a cultural icon.


    In 2022 GORE‑TEX Fabrics introduced the innovative new ePE membrane, a light, thin, yet strong, and PFC-free membrane. The ePE (expanded polyethylene) membrane in new GORE‑TEX products is a key milestone in GOREs's responsible performance journey, providing high-performing, durable products that are engineered for a long product life. As GORE believes in a responsibility to help find solutions that lead to a better tomorrow, we saw how Future Envisions was starting to take shape.

    Photo: Adam Falk


    The GORE‑TEX brand has always created products to upgrade comfort and protection. But their work is never done, and GORE is on a continuous journey to drive innovation. With Future Envisions we wanted to create a space and setting where we showcase the future as we see it, and we invite you - the GORE-TEX Brand enthusiast, to be a part of and experience this journey.

    In 2023 the first installment of Future Envisions came to be, in a content series featuring Patrick Stangbye and Hildur Karlsson, two experts in their field. With Patrick and Hildur, we took a glance back in time and showcased how old GORE‑TEX products can outlive generations, performing as well in the tracks and slopes today as they did 30 years ago. At the same time, GOREs commitment to responsible performance inspires the development of GORE-TEX product technologies that offer new levels of both functional, durable performance and sustainability.

    A perfect choice for times when new gear is needed, and here is where the new ePE membrane comes into the picture. As new GORE-TEX products with the innovative ePE membrane have less environmental impact, whilst maintaining the brand promise: guaranteed to keep you dry. We wanted to create a setting showcasing just that. We envisioned a future with new ePE products in everyday life. In the first installment we invited two profiles to share their side of the story, for the second installment we wanted people to experience it for themselves.

    Photo: Fritz Dölling


    ettresex® is an independent brand from Stockholm, Sweden with a contemporary store and space cooperating as a medium for curation, inspiration, and research. Focusing on designers from Europe, the USA, and Japan, primarily from the 80s to the present, which naturally results in a wide and unique range of GORE-TEX products throughout the decades. We instantly knew that ettresex® were the ones to collaborate with.

    ettresex® founders Emilian Minas (left) & Marcus Winter (right)

    photo: Oskar Lindh


    Photo: Fritz Dölling


    For the opening of the pop-up, a roundtable discussion was held together with ettresex® Founder Emilian Minas, Maria Måwe Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement Director at Gore Fabrics Division, and outdoor-gear expert and previous Future Envisions campaign partner Patrick Stangbye. Discussing topics like - How building a wardrobe is a lifelong endeavor and the future with second-hand shopping. Followed by an opening party stretching into the night with the inauguration of the location, with music by the DJ Moonilena and UK talent Leon Parara aka L-Roy. 

    Photo: Oskar Lindh

    Photo: Fritz Dölling

    The Locals
    The crisp embrace of cold air welcomes you the instant you step outside and face the Scandinavian nature. To get a better understanding of the Nordic climate from the people who know it the best, we met up with three local personalities who shared their tips on gearing up as well as possible.

    Annie Friberg:
    PR & Culture Marketing for Adidas Nordic.

    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I grew up on the west coast of Sweden, I am now based in Stockholm. I like to be home and watch movies and listen to music. For work I do PR & Culture Marketing for Adidas in the Nordics.

    Sweden, and Scandinavia in general, is quite known for its volatile weather and long winters. As someone who knows this environment inside out, how would you describe the Stockholm winter - and how do you prepare for it?
    It’s cold, dark, and never ending. It’s the same thing every winter, in the beginning I am always prepped, I tell myself to dress according to the weather every day. but I always get to a point where I give up because I am so tired of my winter wardrobe. It’s usually in February when you kind of think the end of winter is near but then you realize it's two more months of this, so you just embrace freezing.

    What role do you see functional wear play on a local scale?
    Layers are key! Since the weather here goes from icy, rain, snow to slush and then back to  ice again. After that it melts for a day or two and then more snow and so on for 4 months. You need to have your wind and water-resistant layers ready, a down layer, I personally like a fleece and don’t forget the under layer to be prepared for anything.

    How would you define your style, and how do you see functionality and comfort play into that?
    I always dress to be comfortable, my favorite outfit is a grey hoodie, a white longsleeve and a pair of jeans, I could wear that every day. Like most Scandinavians I like simple things. For outerwear, especially for winter I like to have some different jackets to alternate with. They need to be both functional and comfortable. My most worn pair of shoes this winter has been a pair of Adidas Terrex Gore Tex shoes, they are warm and they also make you not slip on the ice.

    Ofelia Belkacem:
    Artist and runner

    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I am a Stockholm based artist who enjoys painting and do animations. My art tends to go for a playful, colorful and fun style. I like to draw animals that look human in different settings and situations. Other than art, I have been doing track and field for over 10 years and now I’m practicing for my first marathon in Boston.

    Sweden, and Scandinavia in general, is quite known for its volatile weather and long winters. As someone who knows this environment inside out, how would you describe the Stockholm winter - and how do you prepare for it?
    Swedish winters not only last a long time and are cold, it is usually also rainy, windy and slushy. As a swede I know winter it’s not over when you think it’s over. It goes on for at least another month from when you think it’s about to end, so the most important thing is to prepare for it mentally. Second most important thing is of course to not forget to enjoy the sunny, crispy and snowy winter days - it’s so beautiful.

    What role do you see functional wear play on a local scale?
    Well, since I run a lot I have to dress after the weather. You have to always check the weather app and the very important ‘feels like..’ info on it before heading out. It’s important to not get your toes, hands and ears cold to keep your heat. Therefore I like to wear my Gore-Tex infinium gloves, Gore-Tex triple layer jackets and fleece ear covers.

    How would you define your style, and how do you see functionality and comfort play into that?
    When it’s cold it means you can wear layers, and when you can wear layers it means you can be creative! I like to play around with different styles and materials and colors. My secret is also to wear long Jon’s under your pants. It’s essential here in the nordics. I would describe my style as cute and cheeky.


    Emilian Minas
    Co-founder of ettresex®

    Tell us a bit about yourself:
    My name is Emilian Minas, I’m 25 years old, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am the co-founder of ettresex®, a vintage store for curation, inspiration and research created in 2017 with my friend Marcus.

    Sweden, and Scandinavia in general, is quite known for its volatile weather and long winters. As someone who knows this environment inside out, how would you describe the Stockholm winter - and how do you prepare for it?
    Winter in Stockholm is very unpredictable and fluctuates a lot. One day it can be snowing and it’s very cold. Another day the sun can be out and it can feel like spring right before it goes back to snow again the day after. During Winter I kind of dress the same. It's an everyday decision in the morning. Almost daily throughout the Winter I wear thermals and a pair of heavier shoes. I try to avoid wearing big puffer jackets as I feel that it makes me feel too down-dressed, which is why those two items (the thermals and heavy shoes) usually help me get through the season.

    What role do you see functional wear play on a local scale?
    It's an urban environment where we get to experience all different seasons - snow, rain and wind. So having GORE-TEX apparel is always a necessity. Especially when navigating the stresses of living in the modern metropolis.

    How would you define your style, and how do you see functionality and comfort play into that?
    It really depends on the occasion but also the Stockholm weather. I feel that it’s important to wear layers as the weather is always transitioning through day to night. I always have an extra layer with me during the day which I know I will need later in the evening. I like to experiment with those layers, through textures and colors, but generally I just wear the same outfit since I know it's going to keep me comfortable. Functional wear comes into play for me when escaping the commotion in the city, spending time outdoors, and interacting with Swedish nature.


    A special thanks to:

    Concept and Production: ABBY.WORLD

    Creative direction: Barclay Roussel & ettresex®

    Photos: Fritz Dölling, Oskar Lindh & Sebastian Höglund

    Video: Erik Pousette



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