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    Torn garment? No break necessary

    Joachim Stark
    Joachim Stark

    How often have you washed your functional garments over the past few months? Well...? And what about your underwear? “Never”, I hear you say? No, of course, that’s not what you said. For the underwear question, at least. And hopefully also with regard to your GORE-TEX trekking jacket or freeride bib.

    Because that wouldn’t be the best choice – for your look, for the performance of the waterproof and breathable styles, for the environment, for your bank balance. In no particular order.

    Regular care extends the lifespan of your GORE-TEX clothing and keeps it functional. A product’s lifespan and service life have a crucial impact on the size of its environmental footprint: the longer the product lasts, the smaller its footprint. And the better your jacket looks and performs, the longer you will be happy wearing it, which pushes back the need for a new purchase. This means you’ve saved money. Hurrah!

    You can find all tips on how to correctly care for GORE-TEX garments, shoes and gloves on the garment hang tag and here.


    The repair tour: love it for longer

    As you slam your boot shut after an amazing day on the slopes, your GORE-TEX Pro freeride bib trousers get in the way. There are black grease stains all over the stylish garment. As well as a gaping rip between the stains. This won’t come out in the wash – the look and performance are totally ruined. There’s nothing for it: you need a new outfit.

    Or do you? A hole in the sleeve or a partially perforated pant leg is no reason to get rid of the remaining 99 % of the functional garment. Almost everything can be repaired! If the damage is minor, it can be fixed by anyone in seconds: GORE-TEX fabric patches work mini-miracles and ensure the fun on the mountain or in deep snow can continue – no break necessary.

    Repair shops trained and certified by Gore have the necessary expertise to work with GORE-TEX products and special tapes. Gore’s aim is to help you return the functionality and look of your repaired clothing to as good as new.


    For the love of the product, the universe and everything in between

    Did you know all this already? Excellent! You clearly love your products and take good care of them. To raise awareness of this issue in the European outdoor community and convey the value of repairing and taking care of GORE-TEX products, Gore goes on the GORE-TEX GEAR TOUR through Europe every year. Visit selected retailers on specific dates and Gore specialists will repair your busted clothing there and then. We were recently at Sporthaus Schuster in Munich. Find out whether the GORE-TEX GEAR TOUR is visiting a town or city near you here.

    Sander, as our account marketing specialist you run these kinds of campaigns with our retail partners. You were at Sporthaus Schuster in Munich: what was the response like? Was there a lot going on?

    The Gear Tour is always something special. Some people bring their torn and well-loved clothing along, but many also come to watch and are impressed at all that can be done. During the two days in Munich, the clothing experts must have repaired 40 garments – all owners were very happy.

    Where do I need to go to get my skiing trousers repaired?

    Come to Gothenburg or Oslo at the end of October. Then we’re in France and England. In February we’ll head over to South Tyrol. If you have a mishap on a ski tour through the Dolomites and your outfit is ruined, you can pop by and see us in Bolzano! Otherwise, we also have authorised repair centres in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Simply take your bundle there.


    Interested to know more about what Sander is saying? You can find all the information and dates for the GORE-TEX GEAR TOUR here. And if you don’t happen to be in Stockholm or Lyon, please tell your friends in Scandinavia and the South of France!

    Joachim Stark Joachim Stark

    Joachim Stark

    Joachim is and all-round mountain athlete: Alpine, ice and sport climbing; backcountry skiing; and mountain biking are at the top of his list of leisure activities – when he finds time in between his work with the media, photography, and graphic design and layout for companies in the outdoor industry. He has worked with GORE-TEX as a freelancer since 2012.

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