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    Our performance as a company depends on the sustainable performance of our products, our operations and our people. We are working to protect the planet and people because our society, and our business, depends on it.


    We at the Gore Fabrics Division, the maker of GORE-TEX products, know about performance. For over 40 years, we have been designing durable products that are tested to the extreme and perform in the harshest conditions, enabling people to perform at their best. But durable product performance is no longer enough. As we face severe and growing challenges to our climate, environment and society, we are taking responsibility for our actions and contributions.

    Our performance depends on a healthy climate, a clean and thriving environment, fair labor conditions and safe working conditions. We are measuring our performance by our ability to protect people and the planet while prolonging the longevity of our products and promoting the wellbeing of individuals.

    That’s what we call Performance Redefined.

    We are trusted for high performance products that “do what we say they will do.” Maintaining this trust will depend on our continued ability to credibly demonstrate our long-term commitment to caring for people and planet.

    Jacques Rene Headshot
    Jacques Rene

    Fabrics Division Leader

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    We treat our Associates and partners fairly and are committed to minimize the impacts our operations and products have on the environment.

    “Being fair and responsible to the environment while offering durable products which provide the best in class level of protection lies at the very heart of our culture. This is our founders, Bill and Vieve Gore's, legacy, and we are proud to continue this tradition.”

    Ross MacLaine
    Ross MacLaine

    Gore Fabrics Division Sustainability Leader


    We measure our performance through our ability to protect people and the planet, while also prolonging the longevity of our products, and promoting wellbeing.

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