How you benefit
    Most rugged. No compromise. Master the extreme.

    Durably Waterproof

    This product reliably protects you with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, keeping you dry even in a torrential downpour or harshest snow conditions.

    Extremely Breathable

    The highest level of breathability leads to less sweat accumulation, so you’ll overheat less during intense activity, and stay warmer when you stop to rest.

    Totally Windproof

    Stops all wind, so you stay warmer for longer even when exposed to cold gales or icy storms.

    Very Rugged

    GORE-TEX PRO products ensure the most durable, long-lasting protection —even in the most extreme conditions.


    Stretch integrated into your garment offers more freedom of movement, making it easier to reach new limits — with no compromise on protection.

    *only in styles using GORE-TEX PRO stretch

    Improved environmental footprint

    The new GORE-TEX PRO products also come with recycled and solution dyed textiles that reduce water usage and CO2 emissions, creating a lower environmental footprint.