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    Samsøe Samsøe x GORE-TEX: urban outdoor lifestyle

    Laila Weigl
    Laila Weigl

    As you breathe in the fresh air and soak up the natural beauty up here in the north of Finland, you really do get that feeling of being close to nature. Finland does in fact have the cleanest air in the world. The Nordic countries seem to make it into almost every top 10 list, don't they? Apparently they are the happiest people, living in the world’s richest countries, and even when it comes to fashion the Scandinavians repeatedly come out on top.

    My mind has time to wander because I am making my way up to the top of one of the fells of Lapland where I am attending a PR event to launch the latest "Samsøe Samsøe X GORE-TEX" collection. The label believes in responsible fashion and quality products designed to hold their value and last through wash and wear. This makes it the perfect match for the GORE-TEX brand. It is in the GORE-TEX brand’s DNA to create long lasting products. At Gore we believe in durability and responsible performance, as science shows that durable products cost less over time and are better for the planet.

    “The GORE-TEX brand is a leader in providing technical outerwear solutions and materials. We are proud to present our audience with outerwear made with the best of tested and certified technical materials and solutions”

    Meme Fagiuoli, head of womenswear & Gitte Wetter, head of menswear at Samsøe Samsøe

    Samsøe Samsøe’s “4 capsule collection” once again includes 10 garments equipped with GORE-TEX product technology. To make sure that wearers get the best combination of comfort and protection, all Gore products are tested to their limits in the company labs as well as out in the elements. Today seems to be one of those days when the weather looks quite good until you get outside and discover how cold it is. Perhaps not a bad day to be putting the latest “Samsøe Samsøe x GORE-TEX” collection to the test while we enjoy Finland’s stunning natural wonders.

    Timotej Letonja, editor in chief, wears the "David Jacket". He calls it "function at its best".

    I’m chatting with Timotej Letonja, editor in chief of the fashion, art and design magazine Numero Netherlands. He looks comfy in his Samsøe Samsøe “David Jacket” while the wind howls around us and the drizzle continues to fall. The fabric is protected by a water-resistant and windproof GORE-TEX Infinium technology. The puffer jackets, most of them equipped with wrist straps, removable hoods, and accessible zippers at the chest and sides, are available in different styles and a whole range of colours. It appears that the “David Jacket” has already become Timotej’s favourite piece in the new collection. He calls it “function at its best.”

    The rise of the techwear trend

    Speaking of functionality, technical clothing, or “techwear”, has become a style movement in its own right. Fashion influencers attending the event, like Morgan Mesple, a content creator from Switzerland, have been enjoying watching the techwear trend push the boundaries of technical fabrics. Morgan says that was the reason why he was so happy to hear about the Samsøe Samsøe x GORE-TEX collaboration. Everything is designed to make your life easier. You can stay true to your style instead of having to walk the streets of Copenhagen looking horribly over equipped just because it happens to be raining. Techwear  will have you ready for all weather conditions.

    “When brands such as Samsøe Samsøe collaborate with the GORE-TEX brand we see sleek styles being combined with functional technologies to create garments that are ready for the city and beyond.”- Rory Griffin, Co-Founder and Editor of Orienteer Mapazine

    Rory and his partner and co-founder, Jack West, have always had a big interest in technical clothing and outdoor lifestyles. Their intention with “Orienteer Mapazine”  is to blur the lines between sportswear and fashion and create a space where both live simultaneously. The fashion world, where techwear is gaining popularity, is now heading in the same direction. If you’re looking for minimalist style in a functional and long-lasting product, the unique approach taken by Samsøe Samsøe might well have the answer. The label has its roots in the urban neighbourhood of Copenhagen. It dates back to 1993 when the Samsøe brothers opened a small jewellery shop in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter.

    The pursuit of longevity: what you wear should reflect your values and beliefs

    What you wear says a lot about you. Your clothes will often reflect your personality, style, and perhaps even your mood. They can also say something about your values and beliefs. But given the pace at which trends change and new styles are released, is it even possible to believe, and even invest in, timeless, long-lasting clothing? For Luke Rainey, founder of DAGGER, a young Berlin streetwear brand, it’s crystal clear: “I’m not a trend driven person at all and my wardrobe is made up of high quality items that I will continue to wear over and over. For me longevity is essential.”

    The influencers attending the event all agreed that longevity is becoming a major factor that people look for when purchasing clothing: “The feeling of wearing something that will last forever is very special. The outward appearance of a product is great, but the essence of it is even more important.” - Morgan Mesple, content creator, Switzerland

    “The longevity of a product matters to me. I am actually quite a hoarder when it comes to clothes and I definitely like to keep them for a long time and re-use them whenever the time is right.” - Jack West, co-founder and fashion editor at Orienteer Mapazine

    “Longevity means everything to me, especially when it comes to fashion.” - Timotej Letonja, editor in chief, Numero Magazine, the Netherlands

    Samsøe Samsøe has you covered, whether you're living the city life or trekking through the woods of Finland. The label offers stylish, responsible yet affordable classics, inspired by the street styles of Copenhagen. A sleek Nordic look with weatherproof functionality. The perfect alternative to fast consumption. Or, in other words, they make really cool stuff.

    Could they make it into your top 10? To check out the latest collection head over to their website, Instagram or Facebook page.

    Laila Weigl Laila Weigl

    Laila Weigl

    Laila lives – and loves – Digital and Social Media, especially when it is all about the GORE-TEX brand. When she’s not indulging in her passion for writing, she’s probably busy being a mom or out exploring the nature when biking, hiking or snowboarding in the Bavarian Alps.

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