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    Greg Hill

    Ski Mountaineer & Sustainability Expert


    Greg Hill is not only a record-breaking ski mountaineer; he achieved the remarkable feat of climbing two million feet in a single year in 2010. In 2014, he skied 100,000 vertical feet and climbed 100 summits without using any fossil fuels.

    In addition to his mountain adventures, Greg Hill deeply cares about the environment and his own impact on Earth. Through his inspiring adventure film, 'Electric Greg,' he demonstrates that an adventurous life can also be sustainable.

    Greg not only excels in skiing and mountaineering but also uses his talents to make films and deliver lectures. As a father of two, he balances his family life with a great commitment to environmental causes.

    A Few Minutes with Greg
    Tell Us About Yourself.

    I see myself as a passionate outdoors person. I love the quiet simple moments of nature combined with the thrills of adventure. Both are very important to me. Given that I get so much happiness from nature, I have decided to become a steward for mother nature by trying to be a better earth dweller. I have been searching for ways to be more sustainable — at home, in the mountains and with the companies I work with.

    What do you love about GORE-TEX products?

    GORE-TEX products has always performed extremely well in the harshest of environments and have allowed me to fully focus on my adventures.

    What is your favorite place and why?

    I am fortunate to live in my favorite place, British Columbia. There is endless wildlife, endless mountains and very few people.

    What are your hobbies, besides your main passion?

    I love dog walks where I aimlessly walk around. I love not being on my phone; just being present and enjoy being alive.

    What else is on your bucket list?

    Doing anything I haven’t done, or going to a place I haven’t seen yet.

    Which three words describe yourself?

    Optimistic, stubborn and energetic.

    What one item should never be missing when you’re on top of a mountain?

    Your smile.

    What drives you to get out there to do more, to experience more?

    The people around me. I do everything for them. Plus that idea of exploration. Doing things differently, seeing more than anyone else has, I get fired up about that. My own personal fitness is vital too. I love not being held back by anything, just being ready and able to run or jump or climb or swim or whatever it is. Then to breathe it all in once I’ve achieved what I set out to achieve. That’s magical.

    Key achievements & successes
    • Climbed and skied 100km in one month without skiing in the same area twice.
    • Skinned, skied, and climbed two million vertical feet (600,000m) in a single year.
    • Five years earlier: skinned, skied, and climbed one million vertical feet (300,000m) in a single season.
    • Skinned over 3000m on 80 different days in one year.
    • Made several commitments and lifestyle changes to support more sustainable adventure.

    Regardless of my activity, whether it be ski mountaineering in winter, or alpine running in summer, I need to know that I have a GORE-TEX jacket with me. Knowing that I am protected, regardless of the changing elements, frees my mind. It lets me focus on the adventure at hand and to really enjoy those moments.

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    Greg Hill

    Mountaineer & Adventurer

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