Care Instructions for GORE-TEX footwear

    To keep your feet comfortable, dry and protected, your footwear needs to be kept in good shape. Look after your footwear, and it will offer you better performance and longer useful life.

    How to care for your GORE-TEX footwear

    Taking good care of your GORE-TEX footwear is easy. We'll show you tips on cleaning your GORE-TEX footwear properly. Be sure to carefully follow the footwear manufacturer’s instructions too.

    Things You'll Need
    Cloth or brush • Lukewarm water • Boot drier (optional) • Water Repellent Treatment (optional)

    Step 1
    • Remove the laces, then shake out sand, gravel, and dirt from inside the footwear.
    • If possible, remove and shake out the foot bed or insole.
    Step 2
    • Brush off loose dirt with a sponge or brush.
    • Then use lukewarm water with a small amount of liquid detergent.
    • For leather shoes, check manufacturer's instructions.
    • Don't use bleach.
    • Don't wash in the washing machine.


    • Dry naturally at moderate temperatures.
    • Avoid direct heat.
    • Don't let the footwear stay wet too long.
    • Convection-style boot dryers work well.




    • Once water no longer beads and runs off, re-apply a durable water repellent (DWR).
    • Use a water-based restorative, available as a pump-spray.
    • Don't use waterproofing waxes or greases, as they can affect your footwear's breathability.
    Special Care

    If needed, scent-eliminating sprays, and cover scents can be used on GORE-TEX Scent Control Footwear. Used correctly, they will not affect the properties of the GORE-TEX membrane. Use unscented liquid detergent and wash as per regular GORE-TEX footwear.



    Whether it’s mud, oil, or something more mysterious, follow the footwear manufacturer's instructions to remove stains. Only use recommended products. We don't recommend using stain removers - only liquid detergents.

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