Three hikers under waterfall - new GORE-TEX products

    Made for life’s adventures

    Waterproof. Windproof. Breathable. GORE-TEX products with ePE membrane offer durable performance that stands the test of time.

    The new GORE-TEX products introduce an innovative membrane

    We believe we have a responsibility to help find solutions that lead to a better tomorrow. The ePE (expanded polyethylene) membrane in new GORE-TEX products is a key milestone in our responsible performance journey, providing high-performing, durable products that are engineered for long product life.  

    The all-new GORE‑TEX ePE membrane is light and thin, yet strong, and it's PFC free* with a reduced carbon footprint**. To form new GORE-TEX products, the membrane is combined with carefully selected textiles including recycled, solution or undyed textiles***. 

    * advances Gore Fabrics´ goal of being free of PFCs of environmental concern over the lifecycle of its consumer products. In this case, the goal is accomplished using nonfluorinated materials. Learn more on
    ** Through laminates with a new lower-mass membrane and select textile(s) (per Higg MSI)
    *** Depending on laminate choice

    How you benefit

    The GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise for waterproof protection keeps you dry and comfortable, no matter what passions keep you moving.

    Sweat vapor can easily escape, so you stay comfortable longer.

    These garments block all wind, so whether you’re resting or are on the move, wind chill won’t steal away your body’s warmth.

    Rigorously tested to ensure long product life. Longer use can save energy and resources compared to creating new products.

    PFAS FREE* laminate throughout the entire lifecycle.

    The new GORE-TEX products enable a lower carbon footprint as measured by Higg Materials Sustainability Index through the use of a new lower-mass membrane and selected textiles.

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