How You Benefit

    Tightly bonded layers in the glove create outstanding grip, so you get the dexterity, tactility, and confidence you need to go further.

    Unique construction provides more effective insulation to keep hands warm for longer, even in very cold conditions.

    The GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise ensures you stay dry and comfortable.

    Blocks all wind so that wind chills won't decrease your body's warmth.

    Sweat vapor easily escapes, so you stay dry and comfortable.

    Rigorously tested to ensure long product life. Longer use can save energy and resources compared to creating new products.

    Extra grip or extra warmth. Two technologies in one glove.

    This innovative glove technology features two chambers and functions. In colder situations where you need a boost, the highly insulated chamber provides extra warmth. The other chamber provides an unparalleled, intuitive grip that directly connects you to the action, improving your control. Choose between extra grip or extra warmth—two technologies in one glove.

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