How you Benefit

    Snug fit. Better control. Made to keep on.


    3D-formed in the shape of your hand, so you get a snug fit that feels great and allows you to get more done every day.

    Less bulky and less seams: these gloves are perfect for everything from tying laces to sending a message.

    Wind can’t get through the protective membrane, so your fingers don’t get numbed by biting cold winds.

    The innovative membrane allows sweat vapor to easily escape, so you stay comfortable even during non-stop days.

    Snug fit. Better control. Made to keep on.

    On for the cycle home. Off to use your phone. On for a weekend run. Off to tie your laces. Some gloves slow you down. GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ STRETCH gloves are designed to keep on. The 3D-shaped and single-seam construction creates a unique close fit. These gloves are also both durably windproof and extremely breathable. So you’re always ready to get more done.

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