Robert W. Gore

    Remembering a Pioneer

    April 15, 1937 – September 17, 2020

    Bob’s innovative spirit shaped our Enterprise from the very beginning, paving the way for W. L. Gore & Associates to improve lives and industries.

    Bret Snyder

    Chairman/W. L. Gore & Associates Board of Directors

    Bob left a lasting impact on our enterprise and me specifically. His invention of ePTFE has been the cornerstone of so many innovative products; many I have had the honor of developing or selling. One of the strongest lessons Bob left me was the power of a product concept. There was nothing like Bob challenging your product concept in order to have a clear statement of what difference your product could make and how would you know. However, having an entire team focused on one clear mission of how we could solve a challenging problem was so empowering and well worth the critique. I will strive to continue his legacy and will forever remember his teachings.

    Jacques Rene

    Leader, Fabrics Division

    Inventor, leader, and philanthropist
    Bob Gore, whose scientific discoveries spawned GORE-TEX Outerwear and paved the way for advancements in industries as varied as performance fabrics, medical devices, space exploration and filtration, assumed the chairman emeritus role in 2018 after 57 years of service on the Gore board, 30 of those as chairman. Bob also served as president of Gore from 1976 to 2000.


    "Knowing Bob Gore in the early days of GORE-TEX [Fabrics], it was striking how focused he was on the success of my company, Early Winters, Ltd. Though we were a thousand times smaller than W. L. Gore & Associates, he very kindly took care to see that our needs were met. By rapidly meeting challenges in scaling production, developing suitable new fabrics, and backing up our unconditional guarantee of customer satisfaction, Gore enabled my tiny company to succeed and grow rapidly. Our mutual success in developing and introducing GORE-TEX products was a completely natural outcome of Bob Gore's philosophy of doing the right thing for everyone involved." - Bill Nicolai


    "For the past 25 years the GORE team has been a part of our extended family. It’s been a privilege to watch GORE’s commitment to supporting people’s passion for getting outside extend into other industries, including healthcare and space exploration, which is truly making a difference. Bob’s legacy will live on in the mountains and in the R&D lab. Sending our thoughts and love to the entire GORE family. We lost a legend."


    "Bob made a lasting impression on the world; he was a true leader and inspiration to all. Many of us have been kept dry by GORE-TEX fabrics, which revolutionized the outdoor industry as we know it.

    "Bob's achievements span across more than just waterproof jackets but leading the way in advancements in industries as varied as performance fabrics, life-saving medical devices, space exploration and filtration."


    "Today, we’re mourning the loss of Robert Gore, the inventor who brought us GORE-TEX. Robert’s invention of the polymer ePTFE radically changed the outerwear world and other industries, like space exploration and medical devices. We’re taking a moment today to express our gratitude for Robert and his achievements that have helped keep us warm and dry in the toughest conditions."


    "We’re thinking of our friends at GORE-TEX Brand today as they celebrate the life of their founder, Bob Gore. An innovator, entrepreneur, and visionary, Bob forged the way in the outdoor industry with material breakthroughs that continue to benefit those exploring life outside and beyond."

    Reflections from customers, end users, and Gore associates

    I remember buying my 1st GORE-TEX Jacket and the feeling of excitement about using it for a hike in Wales. It was noticeably more breathable than the jacket it replaced. I now only buy hiking jackets that use GORE-TEX. Thank you Bob for making my hiking adventures more comfortable.

    Rob Lambert

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Grateful to Bob (and his parents) for creating a beautiful organization that has impacted many.

    Michele Connors

    My thoughts go to his family. Bob Gore was such an incredible visionary that inspires me to become an entrepreneur myself. We will never forget your legacy, thank you for everything and see you in the stars.

    Julien Sicard

    I have worked in Medical for over 20 years, there are few companies that have had such an enormous impact on patients lives and outcomes as Gore. In one way or another I am sure he has touched all of our lives for the better! I am sorry for your loss!

    Stephen Dagenais

    I'm still in awe of the changes he created. The invention of GORE-TEX [Fabrics] changed the way people understood clothing. It marks the moment when brands and consumers began to talk about technology and apparel in the same context. It’s akin to what happened in personal computing. All of a sudden, the sort of space-age technologies that you associated with NASA were available to everyone.

    Chris Harges (Marmot)

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