Tamara Lunger and Jesse Dufton ski touring

    Breaking Trails

    Breaking Trails is a new series from the GORE-TEX brand following pairs of inspiring individuals as they forge paths and form connections in the outdoors.

    Personal Stories, Shared Journeys

    Each episode of Breaking Trails sees two remarkable life journeys intersect on a physical trail, where our intrepid duo learn from each other’s experiences and find common ground despite their superficial differences. Along the way, we’ll see them push through barriers and challenge preconceptions, Going Further, Together to redefine what the outdoors is and who it’s for.

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    Adam Campbell and Sandy Ward backcountry skiing

    Lessons from the Land

    Adam Campbell & Sandy Ward

    Mountain athlete Adam Campbell and splitboard guide Sandy Ward form a bond in Canada’s backcountry.

    Yao Miao & Li Xinrui for GORE-TEX brand

    China's Hidden Paths

    Yao Miao & Li Xinrui

    Ultrarunner Yao Miao and conservation ranger Li Xinrui find harmony in a nature reserve in China.

    Tamara Lunger and Jesse Dufton

    The Blind Ascent

    Tamara Lunger & Jesse Dufton

    Climbers Tamara Lunger and Jesse Dufton ascend Gausta Falls, Norway, building trust step by step.

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