How you Benefit

    Trusted protection and comfort. Make more of every day.

    The innovative GORE-TEX membrane blocks all water from getting in, so your hands stay drier and more comfortable, even in heavy snow or rain.

    The protective membrane in your glove allows sweat vapor to escape, which means you avoid that clammy, uncomfortable feeling.

    From strong headwinds to icy gales, wind can’t get through the GORE-TEX membrane so your hands stay warmer and more comfortable.

    Tightly bonded layers in the glove create better grip, so you get the dexterity, tactility, and the confidence you need to go further.

    The unique construction of GORE-TEX Plus Warm gloves insulates you better, keeping your hands warmer, for longer, even in very cold conditions.

    Trusted protection and comfort. Make more of every day.

    More comfort. Better protection. Skiers, snowboarders, motorcyclists, and many more outdoor adventurers trust GORE-TEX gloves to keep their hands protected, mobile, and comfortable. As well as all being guaranteed waterproof, windproof, and breathable, gloves made with GORE-TEX product technologies offer a range of additional benefits.

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