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    Trying to decide whether to rent or buy ski clothes? While it may be tempting to go out and buy a snazzy ski outfit for your upcoming trip, it might make more sense to rent, especially if you’re a first-time skier or you ski infrequently. Renting ski clothes offers all-around ease and convenience while allowing you to try out premium ski wear.



    If you’re just trying out snowsports for the first time, or you’re an experienced skier who isn't able to go frequently enough to justify owning a high-performance ski jacket and pants, consider renting your ski outfit. Ski clothes rentals are generally by the day. 

    Here are five good reasons to rent ski clothes instead of buying them:

    1. IT’S WAY EASY.

    When you consider all the work that goes into planning a ski trip, half the work is rounding up ski gear and getting it to your destination. When you rent your ski clothes, all you have to do is reserve your stuff in advance and then pick it up. Everything awaits at your ski resort or right near your mountain, in the exact size you need. No schlepping, no hassles.



    Not all rental ski gear is premium (or laundered after every use). Some ski rental clothing feels “vintage,” worn out, and downright stinky. So be sure to opt for high-quality rental ski clothing for a premium experience on the mountain as well as an opportunity to try out premium gear before you buy it. You can rent like-new, freshly cleaned, high-quality ski outerwear that comes in different styles and sizes so you can see which types of jackets and pants fit best and work for you vs. committing to an expensive outfit you’re stuck with. Then if you do decide to make the investment, you’ll be better informed, knowing what works for you based on how your ski gear performed in certain temperatures and conditions.



    Ski clothes rental outfitters provide personalized service, ensuring your ski jacket and pants are the right fit for you and your needs. Expert rental service also ensures your ski clothing is appropriate for the mountain conditions in which you’ll be skiing or snowboarding. The last thing you want for a day on the slopes is to be uncomfortable in your clothing. Having experts on hand who understand ski wear can be a tremendous benefit - and provide some peace of mind if you’re just getting started in snowsports or you don’t go skiing or snowboarding very often.



    You only have so much room in your bag for all those layers of winter clothing and accessories. Then try stuffing a puffy ski jacket and pants into your suitcase! If you’re flying, there’s also the risk of your luggage not making it to your destination and then being stuck having to rent anyway. Depending on your situation at home, ski clothing can take up valuable storage space. For some skiers and snowboarders, it just makes sense to eliminate this issue and rent ski clothes on or near the mountain.



    If you’re new to snowsports, you may not realize that investing in ski clothes also involves wardrobe maintenance. Premium ski clothing requires special care and cleaning, which can be an added burden on time and resources. By renting your ski clothes, you leave the care and maintenance up to the professionals and avoid the cost and responsibility of upkeep. Not to mention, in these days of overconsumption, you’re minimizing your environmental impact by participating in a reuse/recycle effort involving the use of only what you need, when you need it.



    For many who don’t have their own ski gear, the obvious rental items will include ski boots and helmets as well as ski jackets and pants. Ski outfitters that rent premium ski clothing may also rent accessories like gloves, goggles, and even neck accessories like gaiters and balaclavas. It all depends on how much you’re comfortable carrying or what items you prefer to rent vs. own.



    Keep in mind, not all ski clothes rental experiences are created equal. A common complaint is musty, smelly jackets and pants that you’re stuck wearing for the duration of your stay. Another concern is making sure your rental jacket fits properly to accommodate your clothing layers. Plus, when you get to your destination, you expect a smooth, easy process when you arrive to pick up your ski clothing or drop it off. 

    Here’s what to look for and what to expect when it comes to ski clothing rental:

    ●       Professional cleaning and inspection so your ski clothes are as fresh as the powder

    Some outfitters take extra care to ensure ski clothes are professionally cleaned after every rental. You’ll appreciate this level of service and how the clothing feels vs. renting ski jackets and pants that have been worn numerous times without getting cleaned in between. Ski outfitters in the GORE-TEX brand´s network of partners benefit from professional cleaning of GORE-TEX products as well as a 12-point inspection to ensure zippers, velcro, linings and other parts of the garment are in great shape before renting out again.

    ●       Snowsport features like enclosed zippers and flaps

    You generally fall a lot when you ski or snowboard so it’s easy for snow and ice to get into your clothing. If there are any open areas, like an exposed zipper, you could end up getting wetter and colder than you thought because the melted snow and ice can seep into the fabric more easily. When renting ski clothing, select items with covered flaps and zippers, which provide optimal protection from the elements.

    Look for the ski clothes trusted by professionals and weekend warriors. The GORE‑TEX Pro rental jacket shell is constructed of rugged 3L GORE-TEX Pro fabric and is partially insulated with strategically placed Primaloft Silver insulation. The jacket delivers professional performance in all weather conditions with breathability, style, comfort, and safety. 

    ●       Adjustability and layering options for changes in weather conditions

    As mentioned previously, ski jacket and pants styles and fit vary by manufacturer. You may feel more comfortable in a large-sized jacket in one brand but better in a medium in another. For the most part, ski jackets are fairly fitted so it shouldn’t feel too roomy; otherwise, cold air and snow can get in easily. You especially want to make sure you can maneuver yourself, twisting your torso and shoulders without restriction. Depending on how much layering you’re planning to do underneath, you may decide to opt for a lighter shell jacket vs. a heavier ski jacket.



    Once you’re done skiing and are ready to return your rental ski clothes, be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the rental ski outfitter regarding the return process.

    You should also:

    ●   Inspect the clothes to make sure they’re in the same condition in which you received them. Let the rental operator know of any issues.

    ●       Remove all personal items from pockets. Check zippered areas and pockets for personal belongings before handing your ski clothes back to the rental facility.

    ●       Get your ski clothing back on time. Sometimes there are late charges for late returns.

    Now, go have some fun on the slopes! And if renting ski clothing sounds like the way to go, explore GORE-TEX products rental options.

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