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    GORE-TEX Brand Ambassador Days with Elevenate and Elli Glaser

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    In early April, Elevenate and the GORE-TEX Brand hosted their much-anticipated Brand Ambassador Days in Åre, Sweden. At the very center of this event was Elli Glaser, the winner of our Pure 100 contest last year. On the first day, we had a blast skiing in sunny weather and showed Elli the one and only Åreskutan with Reine Barkered as our personal mountain guide. While we enjoyed the Swedish sun on the chairlift in between our rides, we took the time to chat and get to know each other better.


    The next day Elevenate showed Elli their office and she was able to get a closer look at how exactly a ski jacket is designed and how much work goes into a single garment. Also, the GORE-TEX Brand took the opportunity to talk about its products and technology. This was followed by a design workshop at which everyone could design their dream jacket. To round off these two amazing days, Elevenate invited everyone to a ski movie night with pizza and good company.

    The GORE-TEX Brand and Elevenate wanted to show Elli a small part of their world and bring her closer to both brands. We had a great time with Elli and wanted to know what her thoughts were. So here’s a short interview with Elli about her experience of the GORE-TEX Brand Ambassador Days.


    We’re thrilled to have you join us here in Åre. Could you share with us what stood out to you the most during our time together over the past two days?

    First of all, I’m really happy to have been invited to come here. It's been an absolute pleasure spending time with both the GORE-TEX Brand and Elevenate teams. The vibe here in Åre is truly unique. The highlight for me was definitely the skiing experience with Reine. The weather was perfect, the sun shone, and we enjoyed some great skiing in slushy snow—simply a perfect spring ski day.


    During our workshop sessions did you gain any insights into the GORE-TEX Brand or Elevenate that caught your attention or surprised you?

    The workshop was definitely interesting, and I learned a lot about both brands. One thing that interested me the most was the process of crafting ski jackets and skiwear in general. I had no idea about the amount of effort and detail that goes into creating each piece.


    You're wearing Elevenate’s Pure 100 Jacket. Can you share with us what aspects of it you appreciate most and why?

    The Pure 100 Jacket has been my go-to throughout the season, and for good reason. It is comfortable and keeps me dry even on the deepest powder days. I'm also rather fond of the colors. They not only look good, they also enhance visibility on the slopes.


    Do you have a favorite design feature of the jacket that you find yourself using a lot?

    The big pockets are definitely the best feature for me. They come in handy when I'm on the slopes because I prefer not to carry a backpack. I can easily stash all my things right there. 


    What's your best memory of wearing this jacket?

    That's a tough one, but if I had to choose, it would be the time I spent in Verbier this winter. It was snowing the whole week and we skied for 7 days straight. There was so much snow, I had so much fun. I will never forget that experience.


    Are you planning to take your Pure 100 Jacket to any of the destinations on your bucket list?

    A ski trip to Japan is definitely at the top of my bucket list, and for sure, my Pure 100 Jacket will be with me on that adventure. 


    If you could design your dream jacket, what features would it include and what would it look like?

    I think I would want a full-zip jacket with big hand pockets on each side. I would add an inner pocket for my phone, and I'd opt for a slightly looser fit with a longer silhouette. As for the colors, I'd go for blue and gray, because I think they go really well together. 


    There's a Swedish proverb that suggests there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Does this sentiment resonate with you?

    Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. I'm the type of person who enjoys being outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. 


    Text: Madeleine Kogler

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