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    Mark Your Calendar for Walk to Work Day 2018

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    national walk to work day 2018 Walking is free, easy (for most), and incredibly beneficial. But, how often do you hop in the car when you could walk? Sure, driving is convenient, but people around the world are campaigning for people to walk more — including with Walk to Work Day. Walk to Work Day aims to educate people about the benefits of walking and inspire people to incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Integrating any amount of walking into your commute on Walk to Work Day (and thereafter) is encouraged, whether you’re able to walk 15 minutes or two hours. This article will give you a rundown on how and when Walk to Work Day is celebrated, why walking is good for your health, and suggestions for comfortable footwear so your soles don’t suffer.

    Walk to Work Dates

    United States: San Francisco will hold its 6th annual Walk to Work Day on April 5, 2018. More than 10,000 people are expected to participate this year. Free coffee, treats, and prizes are offered along popular routes. If you don’t live in San Francisco, take advantage of Move Month, an April campaign by the American Heart Association to encourage Americans in any locale to be more active. Previously, the campaign was known as National Walking Day, but it has evolved into something more expansive. The American Heart Association provides resources so that individuals, schools or workplaces may organize their own events centered on making physical activity a bigger part of their lives. Click here to register for a free toolkit. Australia: Diabetes Australia will host Walk to Work Day on October 5, 2018, in order to inspire people to integrate walking into their regular commute or routine. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom designates May as National Walking Month, suggesting a 20-minute walk every day for better health. Even if Walk to Work Day isn’t really talked about in your city, why not create your own event and get your community involved? The spirit of the event has no boundaries.

    Why Walking Is Important

    Plain and simple, walking is good for you. Why? According to the Mayo Clinic and the Arthritis Foundation, walking can boost your health in a variety of ways, including:

    • Strengthens your heart, bones and muscles
    • Helps you maintain or reach a healthy body weight (just 30 minutes of brisk walking burns 200 calories)
    • Releases natural endorphins, thereby lifting your mood
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Improves your quality of sleep
    • Lowers your risk of developing a variety of health conditions and diseases, such as high blood pressure, bone loss, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease
    • Supports your joints by circulating joint fluid

      The Mayo Clinic recommends walking “faster, farther and more frequently” for increased benefits. Your stride can be improved by looking forward, swinging your arms, keeping your back straight, and relaxing your head, neck, and shoulders.

    Prepare and Get Geared Up

    Don’t leave your planning to the morning of Walk to Work Day. Make sure to map a pedestrian-friendly route beforehand, and figure out how long it will take you. If you work far from where you live, figure out how you can walk at least part of your route. Before you go to bed, pack some water and healthy snacks for the morning, and adjust your alarm. Unless you wear walking or running shoes to work, your typical work shoes won’t be ideal for walking to the office. Make sure your puppies are comfortable on event day (and every day) by investing in a comfortable pair of waterproof, casual shoes — perfect for a pedestrian commute, days running errands, or sightseeing trips at home and abroad. When you think of GORE-TEX shoes, you probably think of hiking boots or running shoes, but GORE-TEX footwear comes in many styles. GORE-TEX brand has an extensive line of casual footwear for men and women — perfect for keeping your feet comfortable and dry on Walk to Work Day. GORE-TEX products technology is even used in select styles of business shoes, which are perfect for people who want professional shoes with a waterproof, breathable membrane. Here are a few stylish and comfortable casual shoes that are great for Walk to Work Day (or any derivative of the day):

    Is a rainy day in your Walk to Work forecast? Don’t forget your waterproof jacket. After picking out your Walk to Work attire, rally your friends, family members, and coworkers to get involved. The event is better spent with others, whether they’re walking alongside you or doing the same thing hundreds of miles away. And together, you can hold each other accountable — no secretly driving to work if you wake up sleepy and unmotivated!

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