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    Tested For Life: Robert Jasper’s favorite place

    Henner Thies
    Henner Thies

    “My favorite place smells of adventure, and tastes bitter at times.”

    GORE-TEX athlete Robert Jasper is convinced that climbing is an all-embracing, sensory sensation. In over 30 years the extreme mountaineer has mastered numerous openings, solo and first ascents all over the world – especially at the Eiger north face. To learn what makes his favorite place stand out and what Robert needs to fully experience the “Eiger Nordwand”, watch the video below.


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    Henner Thies Henner Thies

    Henner Thies

    Born in Dortmund and raised in Bavaria, Henner enjoys producing content most, whether it's texts, photos or videos. A surf-loving outdoorsman, he's widely known as a jack of all trades among clients and colleagues alike. From typography to photos to video, Henner cares about the images that are formed–and hopefully remain, at least a bit–in the minds of readers and viewers.

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