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    #TestedForLife Favorite Places: Stefan Glowacz, where's your favorite spot in the great ourdoors?

    Team Gore
    Team Gore

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    Whether it's driving in a Jeep through the arid landscapes of Namibia, crossing the icefields of Patagonia on skis or sledding across Baffin Island in the Arctic – he's always looking for the next big wall to climb: Stefan Glowacz is never at a loss for adventure.

    No human has ever set foot in many of the places this exceptional climber and adventure seeker has been. Check out our video to discover Stefan Glowacz's favorite place in the great outdoors. You'll find out what Stefan's looking forward to seeing most again when he returns to Baffin Island and what it means to truly be wealthy in his view. Roll it!


    What's your favorite place in the great outdoors? Share it with us on Instagram @goretexna with #TestedForLife and win a trip to Glacier National Park!

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