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    #TestedForLife: GORE-TEX Tryout: Ambassador Elisa Deutschmann

    Team Gore
    Team Gore

    In love with freedom: Elisa and her husky Finn

    What happens when you grow up with the mountains right at your doorstep? When you've been summiting right from the start? When the Chiemsee, nicknamed the Bavarian Sea, is right under your nose? The laws of nature will probably kick in, as was the case with 23-year-old Elisa Deutschmann from Palling, Germany. This young athlete, sponsored by Dynafit, spends every free moment of her time in the mountains, mostly in and around her home region around the Bavarian Chiemsee. Her Siberian husky Finn is always by her side on her adventures.

    From where you're from to far away

    Even though Elisa is deeply rooted in her local region, she often gets itchy feet. The feeling of discovering new places and landscapes is the essence of her life and her inner drive. In 2018, she spent six months enduring the ice-cold Norwegian winter with Finn. During the day they explored the vast, lonely wilderness on skis and were impressed by the dramatic fjords and barren landscapes. We first heard of Elisa when we caught wind of her trip in the media and thought that her adventurous spirit and her close collaboration with Dynafit would be a perfect fit for a joint GORE-TEX tryout project.

    Elisa's tryout on the Stubai Glacier

    We asked Elisa to take us to her favorite spot in the great outdoors to test our GORE-TEX products to their limits. That's how our newest tryout came to be: in vicious weather and untouched deep snow, Elisa and Finn hiked to the Stubai Glacier this year. Her favorite place because it has so much to offer: steep descents, powder lines and rustic mountain huts.

    In a raging snowstorm with nearly zero visibility, the two adrenaline junkies dared to make the ascent. Once they arrived at the summit, they first had to dig out the path into their shelter for the night. Wrapped in a sleeping bag, the two partners in adventure spent a quiet but short night and were rewarded the next morning by a fantastic sunrise and a wonderfully smooth descent.

    Given the grueling conditions, we wanted to ensure they were well protected against the elements with the waterproof and windproof RADICAL GORE-TEX jacket and the RADICAL GORE-TEX pants from DYNAFIT as well as the AURACH.GTX gloves by ZANIER. Since her GORE-TEX products are so breathable, she didn't even break a sweat on the descent.

    Elisa behind the scenes

    Elisa is a trained tailor who is also studying fashion design at the AMD (Adakemie Mode & Design) in Munich. The Palling native always has a smile on her face, especially when she's about to dive into her next sporting adventure. That includes skiing, kiteboarding, paragliding and "just" sailing. In a nutshell, it's all about spending time outdoors and reveling in the wonders of nature.

    By the way, the next dream Elisa hopes to realize: Riding her bike from her home in Bavaria to Mont Blanc, then climbing it on skis. Of course, her dog Finn will also be part of the journey. We're excited to hear about her next adventure.

    Check out our interview with Elisa to learn more about our new GORE-TEX Tryout ambassador and what drives her every day:


    Find out more about Elisa here!



    Author: Marlene Goll

    Marlene Goll, born and raised in Munich, works in the European Marketing Team at GORE as an eTail expert. Since the beginning of 2019, she has been taking care of European influencer marketing together with Fabian Grünwald from Gore.

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