Julia Mancuso


    Growing up in a family whose active lifestyle was reflected in everything they did, Julia developed an early love for the slopes and qualified for the World Cup when she was only 15 years old.

    That love for the adrenaline rush from racing down the slopes made her the most decorated female Olympic American alpine skier ever.

    Aiming to be the best she can be and always ready to try new things, Julia takes to the sky in this TESTED FOR LIFE Tryout. In Chamonix, France, she goes speed-riding for the very first time, finding out what it’s like to literally fly down a mountain.

    Explore this page to find out more about Julia's GORE-TEX brand fueled adventure and how the gear helped her experience a whole new dimension.

    There’s a certain thrill in being the best. But there’s a bigger thrill in learning new things.

    Julia Mancuso
    Julia Mancuso

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