Repair Information

Go ahead, admit it - you tested the limits of your GORE-TEX® garment. Our products get that a lot. Almost always, they pass with flying colors. But sometimes under extreme or rugged use an accident happens and a small tear or puncture is the result.

For damaged garments, permanent repair by a Gore-authorized Repair Center or the manufacturing brand is needed to get your gear back performing at its best and maintain coverage under our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise.

Repair Kits

Need a temporary solution to get you out of the field until permanent repair is possible? Not to worry. Our easy-to-use GORE-TEX® Fabric Repair Kits allow you to make instant repairs to preserve the waterproof integrity of your outerwear - even when you’re out in the field.



  • Each repair kit contains two press-on adhesive patches, precut to standard shapes that usually don’t require trimming.
  • Use the right repair kit for your fabric and carefully follow the instructions and procedures for your type of garment.
  • If you apply a patch while out in the field, iron it after returning home to significantly increase its bond strength and wear life.
  • Patches are not recommended for permanent repairs. Follow up with a Gore-authorized Repair Center or the manufacturing brand for a professional solution.

Repair centers

Does your GORE-TEX® garment need a permanent repair? Contact an authorized Repair Center.


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