Return Guide

Only GORE-TEX products carry the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise. If you believe your garment or footwear is experiencing problems, check this guide first for advice on how to solve them.

For product warranty returns, please contact us first discuss your situation and, if necessary, receive a return authorization number.

Our Promise
  • What is the GORE-TEX products GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise?

    It’s simple: If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness, or breathability of your GORE-TEX product, then we will repair it, replace it, or refund your purchase price. No matter which of our trusted customers makes the product, we have certified that its durably waterproof, windproof and breathable performance meets the needs of its intended use. Fairness is one of the core principals of the GORE Company. Our promise is one that allows for common sense solutions with a focus on product performance and building lasting relationships with our consumers.

  • What does the GORE-TEX GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise mean?

    Just that: No water from the outside will get to you on the inside. Whether it’s from a driving rain, a damp bench you happen to sit on, or kneeling in wet grass, water can't penetrate GORE-TEX fabric. Yet, the fabric will remain breathable, allowing for moisture from sweat to escape. Factoring in reasonable wear and tear as determined by our team, if your GORE-TEX product is properly cared for and used as intended then you can expect it to remain waterproof, windproof and breathable for its useful life.

  • Is it a lifetime guarantee?

    No: It applies to waterproofness, windproofness, and breathability for the useful life of the product. It only covers to the original owner of the item, and items that were purchased new.

  • What does useful life of the product mean?

    The length of time a product can reasonably deliver expected performance relative to its intended end use. Our focus is around useful life rather than a fixed period of time due to the wide array of end uses for which our products are designed. It really depends on you and the choices you make. Lack of care can often be the cause of a product no longer having useful life, so it’s important to routinely clean your item and always follow the care instructions. Components used in the garment construction, such as glues and other adhesives, will eventually degrade. And, eventually all products do wear out with time and use. Use your best judgment, if the product has worn soles, rips, tears, punctures, abrasions, it may be time to repair it or buy a new one. If it looks worn out then it likely is. This can be especially true for footwear, which typically has a shorter useful life than garments. With footwear, the GORE-TEX membrane is protected by the upper portion of the footwear. When the upper is damaged by things like cuts, cracking, or dry rot, the membrane’s performance can be compromised by dirt and debris that may enter the shoe. Internal abrasion from toenails and hard orthotics can also cause holes resulting in leaks. If you are unsure give us a call or send us an email and we can help make an assessment.

  • Does the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise cover damage?

    No: Damage such as rips, tears, excessive abrasions and punctures are the responsibility of the end user to have repaired. Broken buttons, zippers, hook-and-loop fasteners and other defects related to manufacturing should be addressed at the point of purchase or to the item’s manufacturer. Damage to any item that is returned to Gore must have been repaired so that the item is in a fully functional condition apart from the defect relating to GORE-TEX. Damage can be understood as anything incurred through the product’s use that impairs its intended performance or functionality. Damage to personal electronic devices or any other personal items caused by water entry into pockets/zippers is not covered by the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise. If damage occurs please contact one of our recommended repair centers or contact us directly and one of our helpful consumer service advisors can assist you. GORE-TEX products are an investment in waterproof, windproof, breathable comfort and it’s important to maintain that investment.

  • How does the replacement process work?

    In some cases your fastest and simplest source for replacement may be your local retailer. If that doesn’t work for you, we can help. Once it has been established that a replacement is the best option for you, a conversation occurs between you and your GORE-TEX consumer service advisor to identify the best replacement products. We will gather the necessary information to help you make the right selection and ensure the replacement’s fitness for use. We seek to replace most of the items returned with the same product, or a similar one if availability is an issue. The advisor will provide replacement options for you based on what you have shared with us, the prescribed price and the end use. 

  • Are returned products tested or assessed?

    Yes: If a product comes back to us there are a number of tests that help us identify a failure in waterproofness, windproofness or breathability. All GORE-TEX products must meet strict quality standards before they’re sold. We consistently monitor product performance to drive innovation and development. We are committed to our consumers getting the most out of their GORE-TEX products.

GORE-TEX Outerwear

  • Are you taking care of your garment?

    Lack of care can greatly reduce the useful life of your GORE-TEX product, so it’s important to routinely clean your item and always follow the care instructions to ensure you get the most out of its useful life. 

  • Garment feels like it is leaking.

    If you're feeling moisture inside your GORE-TEX garment, it could that you are experiencing 'wet out,' a condition that occurs when the outer layer of garment fabric above the GORE-TEX membrane gets saturated with water. While the inner GORE-TEX membrane isn't leaking, the outer fabric can become heavy, leaving you feeling damp and cold.

    This can happen when your garment's durable water repellent - or DWR - outer fabric treatment needs restoring. This naturally occurs as your garment ages and the DWR treatment on the outermost fabric layer is exposed to normal wear and tear, especially across the shoulder and upper back area.

    See Restoring Water Repellency for instructions on how to restore the DWR treatment of your garment's outer fabric.

  • Water won't bead up on the garment's outer fabric.

    Clean and dry your garment, then sprinkle some water on its outer fabric. If the water still fails to bead up into tiny drops, your outer fabric's durable water repellent - or DWR - treatment needs restoring. See Restoring Water Repellency for instructions on how to achieve this.

  • Garment has visible abrasion or damage.

    If you have torn or punctured your garment - hey, life happens - or suspect other damage from use, contact an authorized repair center for help in getting it fixed. If the damage occurs in the field, you can make on-the-spot emergency repairs with our handy repair kits.

  • Garment has broken zippers, missing snaps, or similar problems.

    If your garment is fairly new and you're having problems with the zipper, a missing snap, or a similar issue, call the store where you purchased the garment. Retail stores that sell our products want you to be satisfied just as we do. They will tell you what to do to have your garment repaired.

  • I'm still having a problem with my garment.

    If your problem has not been addressed above, or you still believe your garment may be leaking, contact us to discuss your situation and, if necessary, receive a return authorization number.

GORE-TEX Footwear

  • Footwear feels like it is leaking.

    Are your feet feeling clammy? First check this list to see if you are doing everything you can to help it keep your feet dry and comfortable in your GORE-TEX footwear.

  • Are you wearing the right socks?

    Cotton and wool socks might seem like natural choices, but they could be the reason why your feet are feeling clammy and uncomfortable. These ultra-absorbent natural fibers can retain your sweat until your socks are completely damp. Perspiration never has a chance to evaporate away. Stick to synthetic fabric socks and the new technical wool blends, which are designed to wick moisture away from the feet, where it can then pass out as vapor through the footwear.

  • Does your footwear have the appropriate level of insulation?

    Overly insulated boots can make your feet so clammy and sweaty that it feels like your footwear is leaking, even though it's not. Check with a specialty footwear retailer to see what level of insulation is recommended for the temperatures you'll be facing and your planned activity level. That goes for your socks, too - make sure they aren't causing your feet to overheat.

  • Could water be getting in via the top of your boots or shoes?

    Water-splashed socks or damp tucked-in pants can wick moisture down into your footwear without you even realizing it. All of a sudden your feet feel clammy and uncomfortable. If you're going to be out in the rain or splashing through streams, a pair of gaiters can help keep water out of your footwear.

  • Are you taking care of your footwear?

    A little maintenance goes a long way in protecting the waterproof GORE-TEX membrane inside your footwear. Shake out any loose dirt or gravel from inside before they have a chance to abrade the lining. Be careful around barbed wire, fishhooks, nails, and anything else that might puncture your footwear. And guys: keep those toenails clipped so they don't abrade the inner lining.

  • I've tried all the above and I'm still having a problem with my footwear.

    If your problem has not been addressed above, or if you've tried these steps and still believe your footwear may be leaking, contact us to discuss your situation and, if necessary, receive a return authorization number.