GORE-TEX Gloves Technologies

Durably Waterproof
Highly Breathable

Those who do sports in the ice and snow know there are many important factors influencing how comfortable one feels in cold temperatures. The gloves you wear have to meet the individual needs, weather conditions, and various physical requirements to ensure optimal protection and comfort.

Waterproof and breathable. Protection and comfort for your hands.

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Outstanding tactility. Sure grip.

GORE-TEX Gloves + Gore Grip Technology

With their innovative layered construction, these gloves offer outstanding dexterity and tactility for an optimum grip.

One glove. Two options. Waterproof and breathable.

GORE-TEX gloves + Gore 2 in 1 technology

These gloves with two different chambers make it easy and convenient to change between direct grip and warmth.

GORE-TEX gloves + Gore active technology

The ideal solution for active sports in cool and cold conditions.

Warmer. Longer.

GORE-TEX gloves + Gore warm technology

Even in harsh conditions these gloves are optimised to keep your hands warmer for longer.