How you benefit

    Better grip. Or extra warmth. Two worlds of adventure.

    Two different chambers in each glove offer you a choice: better grip or extra warmth. You get the protection and comfort you need, when you need it.

    The innovative GORE-TEX membrane blocks all water from getting in, so your hands stay drier and more comfortable, even in heavy snow or rain.

    From strong headwinds to icy gales, wind can’t get through the GORE-TEX membrane so your hands stay warmer and more comfortable.

    The protective membrane in your glove allows sweat vapor to escape, which means you avoid that clammy, uncomfortable feeling.

    Better grip. Or extra warmth. Two worlds of adventure.
    Sometimes it takes more than one road to find the best adventure. GORE-TEX 2-in-1 gloves offer two options in one pair of gloves. The extra warmth chamber protects your hands with insulation, while the grip chamber brings your hands closer to the action. These gloves are also GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™, totally windproof, and very breathable.

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