Very light and packable, this back-up shell can be carried or worn on everyday, so whatever happens with the weather, you’ll always be ready.

    Designed to be as breathable as possible: sweat vapor can easily escape so you stay comfortable throughout your activities.

    This product is durably waterproof with the GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY promise, keeping you dry in any wet condition.

    Our technology protects you from wind chill during your activity and when you’re resting, keeping your microclimate balanced and comfortable all way through.

    Rigorously tested to ensure long product life. Longer use can save energy and resources compared to creating new products.

    Packable comfort and protection.

    Never get stuck in the rain unprotected again. Lightweight and extremely breathable, garments made with GORE-TEX PACLITE® fabrics offer reliable waterproof and windproof coverage. Its easy packability means you can always have it on hand and stay cool, dry, and feel more comfortable, whatever the weather.

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