Key Performance Benefits

    Blocks all wind, so wind chill won’t decrease your body’s warmth.

    Sweat vapor easily escapes, so you stay dry and comfortable.

    Resists light rain and snow, so you stay protected and comfortable.

    Upgrade Your Comfort and Performance

    It's dry out with a chilly edge, but whenever the wind blows, a good windbreaker jacket or layer can make all the difference. WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE-TEX LABS* are totally windproof and reliably breathable, so you can continue with your plans and stay protected. Perfect for dry conditions that are cold and windy, these products bring super-efficient, versatile coverage to upgrade your comfort and performance.


    * Garments and gloves previously included in the GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM WINDSTOPPER® Products range are now named WINDSTOPPER® products by GORE-TEX LABS.


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    Protecting the Places You Love to Hike

    The GORE-TEX brand is a proud sponsor of American Hiking Society (AHS), which advocates for hiking access and the improvement of trails across the country. 

    With the support of donors, sponsors and partners, AHS has mobilized 623,265 trail volunteers and facilitated 45,007 miles of trails maintenance & construction since its founding in 1976.

    See how AHS is making an impact in your area.

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