Outdoor Research with some helpful tips on how to hike smarter.
<p>Some hikers can go 20 or 30 miles, all in a day. An impressive pace, right? It is, but not because it’s an unattainable accomplishment. The key to picking up speed doesn’t lie in your pace, but in your smarts. Outdoor Research outlines some ways you can <a href="http://www.outdoorresearch.com/blog/stories/how-to-hike-more-efficiently">hike smarter and more efficiently here</a>. <img alt="hikers on mountain" class="image-embed alignnone" data-entity-type="" data-entity-uuid="" src="/sites/default/files/blog_images/Dan_Patitucci_efficient_hiking-copy-690x397.jpg" title="" /> <em>Photo by Jaeger Shaw</em></p>
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