From Punishment to Passion: How One Colorado Athlete Learned to #owntherun
Heather Balogh Rochfort reveals an honest look at running and what it takes to progress in the sport. Learn how she made a commitment to #owntherun!

I’ll be honest: I’m great at coming up with excuses for not getting my run in. In fact, some days I’m feeling so lackadaisical that my excuses spiral into self-doubt. I become reticent to even call myself a runner. Don’t real runners always enjoy running? Don’t real runners bounce out of bed at 5 a.m., eager to pull on those sneakers and hit the pavement? Don’t real runners compare stats on their watches and try to conquer records on Strava? Don’t real runners manage sub-two hour half marathons? Don’t real runners bundle up in 86 layers just to get their run done in frigid temperatures? Heather Balogh runner Running is not something that comes naturally to me. In fact, as a kid, I hated the sport! Growing up as a ballerina, running was something that was bestowed upon me as punishment. Late to practice? Run a mile. Talking too much while the coach was speaking? Run a mile. It’s no wonder that I didn’t take to the sport right away! But as time passed and I matured, running became more of a mental outlet than a penalty. That’s the beauty of the sport, right? It’s always there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, traveling or heading into the office for a long day of work. Running is with you. It doesn’t care whether your hair is messy or if your eyeliner is dripping down your face. It doesn’t care if you’ve worn your favorite shorts for the past week (and you’re about to wear them again). And running definitely doesn’t care if you are the slowest person out there. There is no judgment in this sport. Instead, running only cares that you keep coming back for more; that you give it your all; and that you find whatever it is you need on that particular day. No more and no less. Saucony running shoes with GORE-TEX liner Here in Colorado, October is making way for chillier winter temperatures. Before we know it, snow will be flying and mercury levels will be dropping. This is always when I struggle to lace up my shoes and hit the road; there are so many potential excuses! It’s so cold outside. I swear, is it harder to breathe outside? My feet will get wet in all that snow. Maybe I can wait until tomorrow when the weather is nicer? This is why I’m psyched about the upcoming #owntherun contest. Thanks to the Saucony Ride 9 GTX® Shoe, I have fewer excuses. Equipped with a GORE-TEX liner, these shoes help me tackle any madness the weather may throw my way. running shoes with GORE-TEX liner from Saucony The GORE-TEX brand is asking runners to come forward and promise to own their runs, making a pledge to progress however they see fit. If you’re like me, this will be a commitment to conquering the excuses and doing my best…whatever my best is that day.

Enter the #owntherun contest!

Here is the great part: you can join in on the challenge, too! Enter the #owntherun contest and you may win a new pair of shoes via the weekly giveaway. Or, perhaps you will take home the grand prize and snag head-to-toe running gear. How’s that for minimizing all those excuses?! How are you going to own your run? Saucony shoes with GORE-TEX liner for running Follow Heather's journey on her outdoor blog and don't forget to check out more of her husband's awesome photography on Instagram!

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