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TESTED FOR LIFE Tryouts: Join us!
With GORE-TEX clothing, you're ready no matter what life throws at you. Are you really? Try it out! A once-in-a-lifetime deal you won't want to miss: Take a first class trip to the GORE-TEX brand headquarters in Newark, DE. Meet with product experts, get a $1500 shopping spree in our Gore Store, and become an official member of our Tryout team.

What's on your docket for today? Hit the trail for a quick run to clear your head? A bit of window shopping in town? Time for some fresh country air? How about hitting the sauna with your GORE-TEX jacket today to see just how breathable it really is? Whatever your hobby or passion is, whatever fun or spontaneous idea might come to mind, our TESTED FOR LIFE Tryouts is your chance to show us how you put your GORE-TEX gear to the test, pushing our products to their limits!

Our TESTED FOR LIFE Tryouts bring you and GORE-TEX together

Put your GORE-TEX gear and its unique technology to the test to show us how GORE-TEX makes a difference in your daily life. Tell us the story of your unique passion by sharing a video.

Create your own Tryout video

Grab your phone or GoPro to create your own personal Tryout that shows us how you use your GORE-TEX clothing, shoes, or gloves. Whether you are exercising, shopping, at home, or out with friends: Surprise us! We're looking forward to sharing in your passion. We can't wait to see what you have to show us!

Feel free to edit your video, but don't feel like you have to. We're not looking for cinematic masterpieces. We're way more interested in seeing you and your clothing, shoes, or gloves in action in ways that are interesting, funny, or inspiring. Sound good? Then upload your entry to www.gore-tex.com/my-tryout by April 18, 2019, and you're in. You can upload up to three videos.

Win big

Take a first class trip to our GORE-TEX brand headquarters and meet our team of experts

Three finalists are set to receive an exclusive prize that money can't buy. We'll be inviting the winners on a two-day trip to our Gore headquarters in Delaware. As our special guest, you'll enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour through our hallowed halls, meet our experts and team members, and have the chance to go on a shopping spree in our store! How awesome is that?!

Meet one of our GORE-TEX athletes

During your stay with us you will shake hands with one of our GORE-TEX athletes and talk about your passion.

Join the GORE-TEX TRYOUTS team

Last, but not least, we'll be welcoming our winners as exclusive members of our official GORE-TEX Tryout team: a private and exclusive Facebook group where you'll be the first to hear the all latest insider news from GORE-TEX. Receive test products, get pro deals on all kinds of outdoor gear, chat with our experts and designers, and take a peek behind the curtains of the storied GORE-TEX brand. Share your passion with other members, receive invites to exclusive events, and keep us posted on your Tryouts.

Voting phase

We'll be turning the heat up starting April 22, 2019: The official voting phase will begin. Be sure to cast your vote by May 20, 2019! Get your friends, family, acquaintances, or colleagues to vote for you and your TESTED FOR LIFE Tryout. In addition to the creativity of your Tryout entry, votes are an element in clinching the top prize.

The winners will be announced at the end of May, 2019. Your exclusive trip to Gore is set for October 2019. Break a leg (not literally!)! We wish you much success and, above all else, much fun creating your TESTED FOR LIFE Tryout entry! Click here to participate: www.gore-tex.com/my-tryout


Need inspiration? Here are some examples.

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