Portrait of Max Palm - Photo by Dom Daher

    Max Palm


    A Story of Passion and Creativity

    Max Palm is a Swedish freeskier residing in the French Alps. During his downtime, he channels his inner surfer and skateboarder, embracing the outdoors and expressing his creativity through various art forms. With a multitude of favorite places, Max's choices are guided by the activities he wishes to pursue, all while emphasizing the importance of having fun and loving what you do—a philosophy he believes people should never forget.

    A Few Minutes With Max
    Tell us about yourself.

    My name is Max Palm, I’m a Swedish freeskier who lives in the French Alps. I’m competing in the Freeworld Ride Tour and also trying to film as many projects as I can on the side. During my downtime, I am a big fan of filming and photography, and I'm also a wannabe surfer and skater. I try to be outdoors as much as I can while being as creative and artistic as I can.

    What do you love about GORE-TEX products?

    I love that you are not dependent on the weather; you can be outside whenever you want, and that is a really important factor for my lifestyle.

    What is your favorite place and why?

    I don’t think I have a one and only favorite place. It depends more of my vibe and what I wanna do. So, I have many different favorite places.

    What are your hobbies besides your main passion?

    Filming, photography, skateboarding, surfing, and so much more.

    What else is on your bucket list?

    Film some crazy projects and get super creative with them. Also, travel the world and ski in the coolest places ever.

    What is your personal wisdom, what would you like to share with the world?

    You need to have fun and love what you do; it's SO important, and I feel that sometimes people forget about it.

    Which three words describe yourself?

    Smiling, driven and creative

    What one item should never be missing when you’re on top of a mountain?

    Never forget a pack of candy!

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