Philipp Siefken in GORE-TEX rain tower

    Philipp Siefken

    Snowboarder, Photographer

    Snowboarder, Explorer, and Burrito Enthusiast

    Meet Philipp, a dedicated snowboarder with a deep love for backcountry riding and a thirst for exploring mountains worldwide, he's equally at home in the winter snow as he is serving up burritos in his restaurant during the summer. His journey is defined by a zest for adventure, be it in the mountains or life's everyday moments.


    A Few Minutes with Philipp
    Tell us about yourself.

    Hey everybody, my name is Philipp, and I'm a passionate snowboarder from Munich. I love riding in the backcountry and spend most of my days in the mountains during winter. I also enjoy traveling the world and exploring mountains all over the globe. During the summer, I work at my burrito restaurant most of the time to save up some money for the next season. That's my circle of life :)


    What do you love about GORE-TEX products?

    The most reliable materials and products, whether it's for function or style, are essential. It doesn't matter if it's on or off the mountain.


    What is your favorite place and why?

    Actually, I don't have one favorite place. I love being on a snowboard trip filled with powder and laughter with the homies. It doesn't matter where it is!


    What are your hobbies besides your main passion?

    Next to snowboarding, I really love cooking and photography.


    What else is on your bucket list?

    Snowboarding trips to Alaska, South America, and Spitsbergen are still on my bucket list.


    What is your personal wisdom; what would you like to share with the world?

    I don't have any; besides, they're all used for wall decals or calendars.


    Which three words describe yourself?

    Funny, loyal, and always positive.


    What one item should never be missing when you’re on top of a mountain?

    Beer and candy!

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