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    Dynafit Expedition with Benedikt Böhm

    Henner Thies
    Henner Thies
    Speed climber and Dynafit CEO Benedikt Böhm has broken many records in his alpine life. Still, the speed ascent at Dhaulagiri VII stands out.
    Henner Thies Henner Thies

    Henner Thies

    Born in Dortmund and raised in Bavaria, Henner enjoys producing content most, whether it's texts, photos or videos. A surf-loving outdoorsman, he's widely known as a jack of all trades among clients and colleagues alike. From typography to photos to video, Henner cares about the images that are formed–and hopefully remain, at least a bit–in the minds of readers and viewers.

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    Once in a lifetime: Benedikt Böhm on his speed record at Dhaulagiri VII

    “This was an unparalleled adventure,” says Benedikt Böhm about a month after his successful speed ascent at Dhaulagiri VII. Just to reach the mountain’s basecamp takes Beni and his crew 9 days – that’s how far-flung the “Putha Hiunchuli” is.

    But it is this exact kind of endeavor that drives Beni. “If you reach your goal, despite all the things that could shoot you down on the way to a summit, that is very special,” says the Dynafit CEO. “If you manage to even do it in record time and despite adverse conditions, then that’s incredible.”

    In our video, the 42-year-old explains what made the adventure in Nepal unique and how he managed to get from basecamp to the summit and back in just 7 hours and 53 minutes.

    You live, you learn: Here’s how speed climber Benedikt Böhm deals with risk

    In the interview, speed climber Benedikt Böhm explains how he deals with risk, which skills, he thinks, are the most important for mountaineers and what novice drivers and alpinists have in common.

    “When I was younger, I dealt with risks differently than I do today,” says speed climber Benedikt Böhm. “Just because I have seen a lot of things over the years.”

    Today the 42-year-old family man relies on three things when mountaineering: carefully predefined benchmarks, patience and the following maxim: “Everything is as important, as you make it.”


    No time, no problem: Here’s how to stay fit despite daily life and family

    Benedikt Böhm is a father of three, extreme mountaineer and Dynafit CEO. Still, the 42-year-old is fit enough to break one crazy speed record after the other.

    “Staying fit is really easy,” says Beni: “Your entire life is a choice. And every day I choose to work for my goals, set my alarm and make the most of my day, instead of wasting my precious time.” 

    See what else you need apart from discipline and will in order to integrate your training into your daily life in the video.


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