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    How to master your work-life balance

    Grace Payne
    Grace Payne

    Feeling torn between obligations is something nearly everyone will experience at one point or another in their life. It’s crucial in these moments to take a step back and reflect on your work-life balance. There’s no perfect solution for achieving a healthy work-life balance, but there are some ways you can stay on top when your work week gets bogged down.

    Lead by example

    I decided to get right down to it and met with Annette Hanssum to discuss how she juggles her 9-to-5 with her active interests. Annette is part of the Integrated MarCom team at Gore, and in her freetime she likes to take part in endurance sports. From trail running and cycling to ski touring and telemark, she loves to be out in nature. She also rides horses and practices yoga to balance the endurance activities and let her mind rest.

    The importance of leaving the office

    It’s straightforward to forget to leave your desk. Yes, I know how that sounds. But, if you think about it, does your job keep you tied to your office? Are you breaking up your day enough? Have you remembered to move?

    Q: What do you think the main benefits are with having an active lifestyle?

    A: You’re healthier, in general, you are much more resilient. You’ll feel more powerful and energized, plus you sleep much better and are more relaxed in all aspects of life.

    The health benefits gained from upping your activity will appear quickly. In just one week you could see improved cardiovascular performance—as long as you’re pushing yourself for at least 30 minutes a day. This doesn’t just have to be going for a run. Why not take the stairs up to the roof?

    Enjoy the benefits of taking a break

    When you’ve got a lot on your plate, it can be hard to decide what to leave for later – and even harder to motivate yourself to do more. More, despite how it might sound, may be the thing you’re missing. More time to recalibrate and unwind is sure to have more significant long-term benefits than winding up high-strung and exhausted.

    Q: How do you find the motivation to make time for being active?

    A: I know how much better I feel when I move. This motivates me to try to achieve this feeling again. Disconnecting relieves my mind and opens space for new thinking and creativity, problems become smaller, life appears more straightforward.

    It's called a runner’s high for a reason. Getting moving does make you feel great. The release of endorphins will actively help you keep stress at bay—meaning taking a break from your desk can help you get through particularly difficult weeks with a little more ease. Getting on the move with friends is excellent motivation. Taking a friend on a walk in the countryside can mean that you both step away from the stresses of the city, push yourselves to reach a new goal, and share the endorphin rush that follows.

    When? Where? How?

    There’s no right or wrong time to take a much-needed break. If you find yourself needing to hit pause at lunch most, by all means, hit pause. Some people prefer to make mornings their time to gather their thoughts, while others prefer evenings to wind down for a good night’s sleep. What you choose to do though, is up to you.

    Q: What advice would you give someone who is struggling with their work-life balance?

    A: Find an activity which you can easily integrate into your daily routine if possible. Small efforts are as valuable as big ones. Commit to a plan, set up a goal and stay with it.

    Make it work for your timetable. Don’t try to carve out time you don’t have ––and certainly keep to your plan. It could be as simple as walking to work, and if you wanted to push yourself further, you could run or cycle. You could also make time to explore the city with a friend, and if it runs a little late, you could just spend a night under the stars.

    Everyone’s weeks are different, and not all of them will offer the perfect balance. Making a conscious effort to strike one does, however, give you a better chance. By being prepared to do the things you love in your day-to-day you’ll find yourself able to slip in more time to get moving. With GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ products you can dash around in style whether you’re on a coffee run or snapping selfies as you explore. Our products are designed to offer the perfect balance of protection and comfort–– light rain will roll straight off your back while breathable materials keep you cool on the go.

    Be ready for anything in GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ products.

    Grace Payne Grace Payne

    Grace Payne

    Grace Payne, from Yorkshire, England, has spent most of her life surrounded by some of the UK’s most breathtaking walking routes. Growing up just a stone’s throw from the Yorkshire Dales meant many weekends spent exploring the local landscape. Plus, with family dotted along the Cornish coastline, many cliff walks too. Since trading her countryside location for life in Berlin, she now balances her time between working as a copywriter, writing her first book, and discovering the many hidden gems the city has to offer.

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