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    New GORE-TEX Swimming™ technology with permanent pearling Mermaid™ membrane

    Laila Weigl
    Laila Weigl

    Feldkirchen-Westerham, 1 April 2016 – W.L. Gore & Associates introduce a wholly new technology to the market: The GORE-TEX Swimming™ technology with permanent pearling Mermaid™ membrane. Instead of the usual two or three layers, it has just one, creating a new level of comfort. This new GORE-TEX SWIMMING™ technology has been designed especially for aspiring long-distance swimmers and triathletes. For 40 years, GORE has been finding the best solutions for athletes. To ensure the highest standards of lasting functionality and the best quality in each new product, continuing innovation management is necessary. This commitment has made it possible for GORE to introduce an entirely new technology to the market. The GORE-TEX SWIMMING™ technology with permanent pearling Mermaid™ membrane has been designed especially for aspiring long-distance swimmers and triathletes. The GORE-TEX brand thus makes its first dive into water.

    Innovative anti-moisture construction: the Mermaid™ membrane

    The basis of the new technology is a scale-like anti-moisture membrane construction ensuring maximal comfort in all waters. The feeling of a heavy, water-soaked swimsuit is now a thing of the past. Fitted cuts ensure an optimal fit and the silky material also creates a shaping effect. “Thanks to our new patented Mermaid™ technology, which will be used on all new GORE-TEX SWIMMING™ products, we don’t need to limit ourselves to black to get the mermaid effect that customers desire. Pastels, together with the scaling will make the swimmer look like something out of a fairytale”, says GORE-TEX SWIMWEAR head designer Fabius. Another plus: thanks to the high urea content in the membrane, no one need worry about dry, wrinkly areas after their fun in the water. The gentle condensation layer ensures maximum moisture for the skin and conjures a youthful, peaches and cream complexion for the whole body.

    Goodbye towel – finally dry out of the pool

    The new GORE-TEX SWIMMING™ technology with permanent pearling Mermaid™ membrane was created in an elaborate development process. For weeks, product specialists took to the pool to test different materials. “For our tests, we oriented ourselves primarily on the Disney-classic, “The Little Mermaid”. Of particular assistance was a specially-manufactured flipper, which gave us a lot of strength during the harder times in the rough swimming pool”, explains one of the developers. Indeed, the result can be considered a success: the new membrane does not absorb water even on longer ocean crossings – the swimmer can emerge from the waters completely dry. Goodbye, towel!

    Three models – a variety of colors

    The new technology is available exclusively in products of the subsidiary brand, GORE-TEX SWIMWEAR. Currently three models are available: Ariel for women, Triton for men, and Fabius for kids. Those who want to make use of this new technology should quickly surf over to the Gore online shop – the products will be gone in a flip of a fin: over here!

    Laila Weigl Laila Weigl

    Laila Weigl

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