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    Outerwear Rental Fleet Program

    Partner with GORE-TEX Outerwear on Demand

    Unlock new revenue and enhance guest experience with no capital investment

    The ski industry is experiencing record growth in consumer demand and a broadening of consumer preferences in terms of how they choose to take part in snowsports. Resorts are faced with the challenge of elevating the guest experience while also driving revenue growth through new channels. A premium garment fleet rental program achieves both goals. Taking this on in-house, however, has traditionally been very difficult, especially when trying to maintain a consistent, premium offering.

    By working with a trusted partner like GORE-TEX Brand, you gain access to:

    • Our turnkey service featuring world-class snow garments for rent
    • A partner ready to invest in your business and success
    • A sustainability advocate

    Easy as Receive, Rent, Return

    How Our Partner Program WOrks

    We send you an inventory of GORE-TEX Jackets and pants, plus provide the physical and digital tools to promote the rental program, including merchandise rack, signage, web and digital assets.

    Our garments included barcodes and are easily added to your hard good inventory management system. Garments are scanned and checked in and out, just like hard goods.

    Then just drop the used garments in a hamper at the end of the day. GORE-TEX Brand handles pickup and cleaning, and we drop the clean items back to your shop. At end of season, we take all garments back for off-season storage, refresh and repair.

    Why Become a GORE-TEX Brand Rental Apparel Partner

    Our garment fleet service, your success

    Rental Revenue with No Investment

    We own and maintain the inventory so you don’t have to. Start renting and earning with no capital investment.

    Cleaned After Each Use

    Let us take care of cleaning, inspection and repair so your team can focus on delivering a great guest experience.

    Purpose-Built Design & Premium Features

    GORE-TEX Outerwear On Demand garments are designed to withstand the demands of rental usage and cleaning while maintaining a like-new condition and appearance. Give your guests high-end, premium design with all the adjustments and features typically found in pro-level kits.

    Brand and Advocacy

    As one of the most trusted brands in snowsports, GORE-TEX Brand shares your commitment to sustainability. Our focus on sustainability is an expression of our promise — Together, Improving Life. As a leader in the global apparel industry, we believe we are responsible for finding the solutions that lead to a better way of business.


    Outerwear Fleet Rental
    Meet the Collection

    Exclusively available through our GORE‑TEX Brand fleet rental partners, this Core Collection of premium, high-quality ski and snowboard rental jackets and pants has been specifically designed to deliver maximum comfort, performance and style for all riders, in all conditions, all day and all season long.

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